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‘The Rocky Horror Democrat Party’: Making History, Losing Elections

Posted on | November 18, 2016 | 1 Comment


Maybe they figured that having elected a half-Kenyan to the White House proved that Democrats could elect any random weirdo to any office anywhere, but 2016 proved them wrong. This year, Democrats decided Hope and Change meant nominating hopeless sex-change candidates.

Misty Snow, Utah Democrat (left); Misty Plowright, Colorado Democrat (right).

If you could choose any state in America where you might want to run a shemale candidate for the United States States, Utah probably wouldn’t be your first choice, nor anywhere in the top 40. Yet the Democrats nominated a transgender candidate named Misty Snow to challenge Republican Sen. Mike Lee. Snow, who “doesn’t want to reveal her birth name” (probably because his/“her” family is embarrassed by his/“her” existence) is a 31-year-old grocery store clerk. How that experience qualified him/“her” for public office, I’m not sure, but Misty is a progressive who “modeled her campaign after Bernie Sanders‘ presidential bid,” advocating a $15 minimum wage and free college tuition for everybody. And lost, big-time. Misty’s preferred pronoun is “loser.”

Misty Snow may not be a real woman, but he/“she” is a real loser. Snow got even fewer votes in Utah than that other Democrat loser, Hillary Clinton, who lost the state to Donald Trump in a 46%-28% blowout.

Meanwhile, in neighboring Colorado, Democrats nominated another shemale candidate, Misty Plowright, as their congressional candidate to challenge five-term Republican Rep. Jim Lamborn in the 5th District:

A self-proclaimed nerd and politics junkie, Plowright is unpolished and unguarded, but passionate, as she talks about her run for U.S. Congress as the first openly transgender person to gain a major party’s nomination for a congressional seat in Colorado.
Plowright, a 33-year-old IT consultant who previously worked for Microsoft, joined the race because she was inspired by Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ call for a political revolution, and because she believes Republican U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn is out of touch with the district’s libertarian, live-and-let-live attitude.
“He doesn’t listen to any of his constituents,” she said. “He doesn’t even engage with them.”

Yes, Congressman Lamborn is so “out of touch” with voters in his district that he stomped Plowright in a 2-to-1 landslide (62%-31%).

Notice that both of these trans-Democrats are (a) young, (b) white and (c) Bernie Sanders-style “progressives.” Coincidence? I think not. Democrat Party rhetoric in the past decade has focused so relentlessly on demonizing “white heterosexual males” as the stereotype of Republican evil that any young “progressive” is likely to take it for granted that being white is bad, being male is wrong and being heterosexual — why, heterosexuality is a form of prejudice: How dare you refuse to join the “LGBTQIA community”? The incessant pounding drumbeat of Democrat Party propaganda — “Sexist! Racist! Homophobe!” — is intended to inspire hatred of Republicans by depicting the GOP as bigoted, but what is the psychological effect of this propaganda on young Democrats who happen also to be both white and male? Well, the white male Democrat is not only inspired to hate himself, but also he realizes that he can never hope to represent his party, because his party does not represent him.

No white male can be the official public “face” of the Democrat Party in the 21st century, which was why the party leadership conspired with the Clinton campaign to ensure that Democrats nominate a female candidate to succeed the half-Kenyan president. An old white guy like Bernie Sanders was unacceptable to the party bosses. It’s as if there were now a sign in the lobby at the Democrat Party headquarters declaring: “Welcome to America’s future — no white males permitted here.”


More than half a century ago, a teenager from Arkansas named Bill Clinton was inspired by the example of President John F. Kennedy to believe that he, too, could be president one day. In America today, the example of Barack Obama inspires young white boys to hate themselves. Democrats tell white boys they can never be president. “This is not your country, white boy” — such is the essence of the Democrat Party’s message in the 21st century, and if anyone dares object to the party’s anti-white, anti-male, anti-heterosexual rhetoric, the liberal response is to start shouting angry accusations: “Racist! Sexist! Homophobe!”

The only way a white boy can purge himself of the guilt and shame heaped upon him by liberals is to (a) vote Democrat and (b) be gay.

Or (c) “transgender,” as the case may be. In 21st-century America, every white boy can dream of growing up to be a Democrat woman.

Exactly why this political experiment failed in 2016 is something the Smart People™ who run the Democrat Party haven’t figured out yet.

Also, the next time Democrats are in a crucial battle for control of the Senate, they should definitely nominate a homosexual candidate in a key state like Kentucky — which worked so well for them in 2016, right?


So, looking ahead to 2018, I hope Democrat primary voters will pick LGBTQIA “progressive” candidates in Nebraska, Nevada, Tennessee, Wyoming and every other state where there is no Democrat incumbent fighting for political survival in a mid-term election.

Could there be a more perfect formula for Democrat defeat? In a system of representative government, politicians are elected not merely to make choices on public policy, but also generally to represent the interests of the people who elect them. Politicians have constituents.

The majority of voters in Kentucky (and every other state) are heterosexual. Why, then, should Democrats expect Kentucky voters to elect gay radicals who support anti-heterosexual policies? The correct answer is progressive ideology. Democrats are committed to destroying America by any means necessary, and if you hate America — if you hate yourself for being born here, or if you hate yourself for being a white heterosexual male — vote Democrat. Such is the political psychology of the Democrat Party in the 21st century, anyway, and I don’t know why they seem so surprised when they lose elections.

It’s astounding.
Time is fleeting.
Madness takes its toll . . .



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