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Terrorism, Et Cetera

Posted on | June 19, 2017 | 2 Comments

There was a terrorist attack Sunday night in London and, by all indications — i.e., a white suspect who plowed his vehicle into a crowd leaving a mosque — this would appear to be an anti-Muslim terror attack. As Greg Palkot said on Fox News, this looks like a “reverse copycat” of the June 3 jihad attack on London Bridge that killed eight people.

Liberals, who have spent years insisting that terrorism is never a reason to be concerned about Muslims, are now reversing their logic 180 degrees, claiming that one white guy attacking Muslims is a valid reason to be suspicious of all white males everywhere. It’s so predictable.

UPDATE: If anyone was wondering about my paucity of blog activity the last few days, I got sick Wednesday evening and only began recovering Saturday. I was well enough Sunday to go to dinner with my wife, youngest daughter and a family friend. The pizza was good, and the service was excellent, because our 18-year-old son was our waiter.

UPDATE II: Meanwhile, in London . . .

“One report says that the man arrested shouted ‘kill all the Muslims’ during the attack. You can draw your own conclusions about the veracity of that statement. We will certainly hear more about this incident as the day goes on. Right now, we can only hope there were no fatalities and that the injured are not too badly hurt.”

I blame the media. When in doubt, always blame the media. It’s best to focus on generalized group blame, because that’s who commits atrocities — general groups. Liberals don’t believe in individual responsibility, except when Muslims or women or racial minorities commit atrocities, in which case it’s a “lone wolf” attack. For example, if your name is “Youssef,” “Khuram” or “Rachid,” obviously you must be a lone wolf.

UPDATE III: The suspect is reportedly a 48-year-old white man who was wearing a white T-shirt. I blame the white T-shirt. What? Yeah, obviously, white T-shirts are racist code-speak, like cartoon amphibians.