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Patterico Vindicated: Judge Rules Against Brett Kimberlin’s Failed Federal Suit

Posted on | July 24, 2017 | 1 Comment

Nearly four years after Brett Kimberlin sued Patrick Frey, myself and numerous other defendants (including Michelle Malkin, and Red State) in a bogus federal RICO suit, the case has finally concluded with Judge George Hazel granting Frey summary judgment.

There was no factual basis for this suit we had dubbed Kimberlin v. the Universe, et al., and the Pro Se Pipsqueak’s main claims were dismissed in March 2015, but Judge Hazel allowed Kimberlin’s case to proceed to discovery in regard to his claim that Frey had wrongfully acted “under color of law” as a county employee in California. A key component of Judge Hazel’s final ruling was that Patrick Frey sincerely believed that the July 2011 SWATting incident which sent to an armed police squad to his house was related to Kimberlin’s months-long campaign of retaliation against Frey because of what Frey had written about Kimberlin’s criminal history of bombing, perjury, drug dealing, etc.:

“Kimberlin has failed to submit evidence, rather than his own strongly held convictions, that Frey’s actions were motivated by an improper, retaliatory purpose, rather than [Frey’s] desire to spur law enforcement to investigate a crime of which [Frey] was the victim.”

Keep in mind that I was targeted by a SWATting in 2013, which eventually resulted in the perpetrator being sent to federal prison. SWATting is a very dangerous form of criminal harassment, and law enforcement was never able to solve the SWATting of Frey, who has extensively explain the reasons he suspected this crime was connected to Kimberlin. Given what is known about Kimberlin and his associates, and other aspects of the case which Frey has explained, certainly this suspicion was reasonable, even though the actual perpetrators of the SWATting were never apprehended. The fact that I was also the target of a SWATting, as were Mike Stack in New Jersey and Aaron Worthing in Virginia at different times, could be viewed as part of a pattern of criminal harassment. Let any intelligent person investigate the facts for themselves, and draw their own conclusions.

Go to Patterico’s blog and congratulate him on his success. First Amendment freedom has won, and the Speedway Bomber has lost.

It’s a great day to be an American!



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