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Transgender Cult Update: Woman, 60, Assaulted by Activists in London

Posted on | September 14, 2017 | 4 Comments


Maria MacLachlan, a 60-year-old woman, was attacked by transgender activists Wednesday evening at London’s Hyde Park, where feminists had gathered at Speakers’ Corner after the venue for their event, featuring Professor Julia Long, had been canceled due to “safety concerns.”

Feminist critics of the transgender movement have been accused of “hate,” labeled “TERFs” (trans-exclusive radical feminist) and “no-platformed” by universities throughout Great Britain. Online threats against “TERFs” are now commonplace, but Wednesday in Hyde Park, this escalated to actual violence. MacLachlan says young trans activists began chanting “TERFs attack, we fight back!” while she was recording video, “then suddenly some kid in a hoodie ran past me and tried to knock the camera out of my hand but it was attached to a loop round my wrist so he came back at me, I think trying to get my camera”:

I was determined not to let him get my camera and I was also terrified that my glasses were going to get broken because then I wouldn’t be able to see. I don’t remember much else except that somehow I ended up on the ground and it felt like a few of them were punching and kicking me and it seemed to last for ever but I guess it was just a few seconds. I did hear people telling them to stop and presumably trying to pull them off but I’ve no idea who these people were or if anyone was really trying to help. Anyway, they finally got my camera which went flying somewhere.

Witnesses posted videos of the incident in London to YouTube, but the videos were removed as violating “Content Guidelines” at YouTube. Meanwhile, as reports of the London attack spread on social media, transgender activists — including pornographer “Zinnia Jones,” a/k/a “Satana Kennedy” — began mocking the victim and justifying the attack.


Wednesday’s event in London was organized to discuss proposed changes to Britain’s 2004 Gender Recognition Act. Transgender activists complain that the current law “forces people to jump through hoops and undergo deeply personal and intimate examination of their life.” Julia Long has contributed to a recent anthology about the “erasure” of women by transgender activists. Professor Long’s presentation Wednesday was followed by Miranda Yardley, a transgender woman who is critical of the activist agenda. “The ideology we are being fed has no basis in science, equity or morality,” according to Yardley, who posted a transcript of her remarks. “Any hope of compromise goes out of the window when there is not a single glimpse of daylight between what we are told is a ‘trans woman’ and what we understand to be ‘female’. Our rights to freedom of speech, expression and thought are taken away.”

UPDATE: Brendan O’Neill of Spiked Online takes notice:

“Trans activism increasingly looks like misogyny in drag.” Exactly!