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The Poisonous Fruit of ‘Social Justice’

Posted on | November 14, 2017 | 1 Comment


Everyone is commenting on this New York Times column in which a black professor offers an argument that could be reduced to a syllogism:

Premise A: Donald Trump got elected.
Premise B: Donald Trump is racist;


Conclusion: Black children can’t be friends with white children.

Really, this is the essence of his argument, a bizarre non sequitur rooted in a profound sense of racial paranoia derived from the identity-politics calculations of Democrat Party “social justice” propaganda. Although he tries to marshal evidence in support of his anti-white attitude, the entire argument of his 1,500-word screed is built upon a simple foundation: Democrats, good. Republicans, racist.

Claiming that racism is so pervasive in American society as to be ubiquitous, and then making Republicans the scapegoats for this problem, has been a basic strategy of Democrats for more than 30 years. This reached its apogee during the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election, simply because Democrat operatives feared that Hillary Clinton would not get the strong black support that helped Obama win two terms in office. Anyone who analyzes the 2016 election result must admit that there was good reason for Democrats to be worried about this problem, and it seems obvious that the Black Lives Matter movement (which Hillary endorsed and which George Soros funded) was part of the Democrats’ plan to motivate and mobilize black voters. In other words, it was pure, partisan power politics.

Why should anyone believe that Trump’s victory owes more to white “racism” than to other factors? It will not do to answer this with anecdotes or social-science research demonstrating the mere fact that racism exists. No one denies this. But there is no reason to believe that racism is more prevalent in 2017 than it was in 2007 or 1997 or any other previous year. So why would a law school professor decide that Trump’s election justifies abandoning all hope of racial peace in America?

Because he’s a Democrat, that’s why.

The “social justice” gospel preached by Democrats is believed with pious devotion in academia. Republicans are effectively prohibited from employment in our universities, which have been turned into cult compounds where no one is permitted to question progressive beliefs. Professor Ekow Yankah’s bizarre arguments are representative of the ideology propagated on campuses where dissent is forbidden as “hate.” What happens when these ideas are applied in the real world?

Look no further than Baltimore, where Mayor Catherine Pugh admits that violence is “out of control” since the 2015 “Black Lives Matter” anti-police riots. Michael Walsh at PJ Media comments:

In the aftermath of the Ferguson riots in Missouri and the Freddie Gray fiasco in Baltimore, the decriminalization of crime in the name of “social justice” — long a goal of the cultural-Marxist Left — got fully underway. The result was exactly what anyone not fully invested in Critical Theory would have expected. . . .
Baltimore, a city whose best years ended more than a century ago, is a prime example of what happens when citizens are categorized by skin color or cultural background, and then have differing standards of behavior applied to them by what should be an impartial justice system. Instead of “social justice,” the outcome is social disruption, mistrust, resentment, lawlessness and, if left unchecked, anarchy and civil war.

“Social justice” is an attack on society itself. It is a wholly destructive ideology that incites conflict and unleashes the very worst impulses in human beings. No one’s life and property are safe in cities like Baltimore, yet the identity-politics formula of the Democrat Party (which is taught as gospel at our universities) leads black people who suffer under these policies to blame white people — and especially Republicans — for their problems. So the worse life becomes for black people, the more militantly anti-white the Democrat rhetoric becomes. This is how you arrive at the point where a hatemonger like Ekow Yankah is employed as a university law professor, using his faculty pulpit to preach racial hostility, and the New York Times is willing to publish his work.


Democrats should be ashamed of themselves, but if they had any sense of shame, they wouldn’t be Democrats, would they?



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