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Transgender Activists Target GOP

Posted on | November 19, 2017 | Comments Off on Transgender Activists Target GOP

Danica Roem is a transgender Democrat.

Cynthia Yockey reports on how Democrats plan to win in 2018 and beyond:

[Transgender candidate Danica] Roem raised $806,825 to the $305,170 raised by Bob Marshall. Roem’s biggest donor was millionaire Chris Abele, chairman of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, which donates to the campaigns of LGBTQ candidates. Abele gave Roem his first big donation of $10,000 in May and two donations in October totaling $75,000. Abele personally donated a total of $190,000 to Roem’s campaign, while the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund gave $3,000.
In 2018, transgender activist candidates will be even richer and more assured of victory in their local and state elections, thanks to the $26 million the Human Rights Campaign announced in July that it will spend to hire 20 new employees to support LGBTQ candidates and influence elections at every level in six battleground states: Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. HRC leaders are obviously thinking ahead to the 2020 presidential race because these states accounted for 81 votes in the Electoral College in 2016 and Trump won in five of them. In the overall count, Hillary carried Nevada but lost by 77 electoral votes. . . .

Read the whole thing at the Bombthrowers blog.



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