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Another ‘Hate Crime’ Hoax

Posted on | April 12, 2018 | 3 Comments

Are fake “hate crimes” now more common than actual hate? Sometimes it seems so, e.g., a recent incident in the Virginia suburbs of D.C.:

A 13-year-old Woodbridge area girl is accused of falsely reporting a hate crime to Prince William police.
The teen had told police that she was walking home Friday afternoon when a man attacked her, pulled off her headscarf and called her “a terrorist” as he put a small knife to her wrist, police spokesperson Officer Nathan Probus said.
Police asked for the public’s help Monday to identify the suspect in the case.
“A school resource officer and detectives were able to determine that the victim falsely reported the alleged encounter with the unknown black male and that no altercation had occurred,” Probus said Tuesday.
The girl was charged Tuesday morning with knowingly giving a false report to law enforcement. The case will be handled through Juvenile Intake, Probus said.

Larry O’Connor comments:

The incident is yet another hoax that gained intense media attention when first reported but then disappears into the ether when the facts finally come to light. The multiple reports of so-called hate crimes against Latinos and Muslims miraculously appeared after the 2016 presidential election and the media breathlessly reported on each instance in an effort to describe a larger trend of hate in America inspired by Donald Trump.

John Sexton at Hot Air adds:

There were at least 3 false reports of hate crimes on women wearing hijabs in late 2016. One involved a University of Michigan student who claimed a man threatened to set her on fire unless she removed her hijab. After a thorough investigation, detectives found inconsistencies in the woman’s statement and eventually concluded the event never happened. Before that, an 18-year-old who claimed a group of Trump supporters taunted her and told her to take off her hijab admitted she had made up the story. There was a similar report out of Louisiana which also turned out to be false.

Of course, as Sexton notes, anti-Muslim hate crimes do actually happen, but according to the FBI, there were more than twice as many anti-Jewish incidents (684) in 2016, compared to anti-Muslim crimes (307).

Keep in mind that there are 325 million people in America, so that the combined total number of “hate crime” incidents (6,121 in 2016, according to the FBI) reflects a frequency of less than 1-in-50,000 per capita. In other words, “hate crimes” are a statistically rare occurrence, but because of the huge size of our national population, there are about 120 such incidents every week in the United States. This permits the media to promote what I’ve called “Atrocity Narratives,” seizing on some genuinely terrible (but statistically rare) event and portraying it as symbolic of a larger trend, e.g., an “epidemic” of hate blamed on Trump.

Three weeks after the 2016 election, it was claimed a wave of “celebratory violence by Trump supporters” had swept the country.

The repetition of this assertion by the media appears to have inspired a number of hoaxes by people seeking to depict themselves as victims of “hate.” The rarity of actual hate crimes is never presented accurately by the media. Liberals believe that America is a land of oppressive bigotry, and welcome any “evidence” to confirm this belief.



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