The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

REVIEW: ‘Lightning Fall’ By Bill Quick

by Smitty He emailed me a review copy, but I was having none of that: I wired myself the Kindle version onto the ‘droid phone for my plane flight home yesterday. As an author, Quick befits a smart phone format well: kinetic prose from right out of the gate, plenty of characters, even pacing. Quick’s […]

@DailyPundit, Optimist At Large

by Smitty But since [the re-election of Rep. Boehner as Speaker] just a squabble over the leadership of the minority faction of the Ruling Party, none of this has a great deal of meaning in the larger scheme of things. No matter who is in charge of the GOP faction, everything will continue to go […]

Sticky Political References

by Smitty Bill Quick points to the maple syrup story in the great white north, and figures that the 15k barrels suddenly ‘missing’ from a Canadian warehouse were never filled in the first place. In the age of politics in everything, let me be the first to point out what an excellent metaphor we have […]

Geekzer Bait Taken

by Smitty To answer Daily Pundit, The old HP-48 is depicted here, along with a scrap of RPL I wrote against it in the dim, dark past. The old 48GX may not be as old as what Daily Pundit mentioned, but it’s just a great piece of hardware. As recently as 5 years ago, I […]

Thursday Is Mary Jo Kopechne Day; Would Government Health Care Have Been A Good Investment For Her?

by Smitty Roughly three weeks shy of 343 years to the day after ersatz naval architect Ted Kennedy proved conclusively that a ’67 Olds does not a submarine make, but with the right name you can still be the Lyin’ of the Senate, the PPACA decision arrived, in a flurry of prestidigitation that defies reasonable […]

‘Supidity’ Indeed. In Mathematical Terms, It’s Like Saying 2+2=3

by Smitty Bill Quick is taken aback at the postulated indifference toward the gay Green Lantern comic from DC: Why? Because mom and dad are such freaking idiots they think their kids will catch the dread gay disease from reading a comic book? I’m gobsmacked. This is the same Lefty media that brought you, in […]

Is Mr. Quick Arguing Against Freewill?

by Smitty Are we really having this argument? Is it your contention that homosexuality is a choice? If so, I disagree. I would further contend that the weight of scientific evidence is on my side of the disagreement, leaving you in the position of arguing that something RSM might call a “neutral objective fact” is […]

Really, Mr. Quick?

by Smitty Really, Mr. Quick? Smitty is running a Gay Obama item a day, more or less. I know he’s trying to hurt Obama by playing up Obama’s support of gay rights with those who think gays should have no rights at all. Hm. I can’t parse this in any meaningful way. Homosexuality, as an […]

Insults Too Grievous to Be Borne Gladly

The dark mood is on me again, and I keep stumbling across occasions to remember injuries and insults heaped up like a gigantic mountain of humiliation. An inferno of rage burns in my gut, and restraining it takes a constant, conscious effort that exhausts me. Serial betrayals by backstabbing two-faced “friends” — well, I must put it […]

At Least Daily Pundit Gets It

by Smitty Quick shaves my point on racism a little more finely. I’m OK with that: Nobody actually cares about racism in America. As compared to much of the world, racism simply isn’t a major factor here. Cultural problems based on race and ethnicity do exist, but racism itself is not a real problem in […]

When the Blogosphere Gets Weird …

. . . the weird get blogging, and the past few days have kept me tied up in all kinds of “deep” stuff that prevented me from keeping up with the flow of events on the blogosphere. First there was that weirdness about the Planned Parenthood bombing in Wisconsin and the MSNBC “Republican War on Women” […]

Rick Santorum: It’s About a Movement

“When Allahpundit first asked, ‘Second look at Gingrich?’ on Oct. 18, my visceral reaction was, ‘Are you freaking kidding me?’ Nothing astonishes me more than poll numbers . . . suggesting that people are taking Newt seriously as a presidential candidate. And of all the prognotications I’ve ever made, of none have I been more […]

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