The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

REVIEW: ‘Lightning Fall’ By Bill Quick

by Smitty He emailed me a review copy, but I was having none of that: I wired myself the Kindle version onto the ‘droid phone for my plane flight home yesterday. As an author, Quick befits a smart phone format well: kinetic prose from right out of the gate, plenty of characters, even pacing. Quick’s […]

@DailyPundit, Optimist At Large

by Smitty But since [the re-election of Rep. Boehner as Speaker] just a squabble over the leadership of the minority faction of the Ruling Party, none of this has a great deal of meaning in the larger scheme of things. No matter who is in charge of the GOP faction, everything will continue to go […]

Sticky Political References

by Smitty Bill Quick points to the maple syrup story in the great white north, and figures that the 15k barrels suddenly ‘missing’ from a Canadian warehouse were never filled in the first place. In the age of politics in everything, let me be the first to point out what an excellent metaphor we have […]

Geekzer Bait Taken

by Smitty To answer Daily Pundit, The old HP-48 is depicted here, along with a scrap of RPL I wrote against it in the dim, dark past. The old 48GX may not be as old as what Daily Pundit mentioned, but it’s just a great piece of hardware. As recently as 5 years ago, I […]

Thursday Is Mary Jo Kopechne Day; Would Government Health Care Have Been A Good Investment For Her?

by Smitty Roughly three weeks shy of 343 years to the day after ersatz naval architect Ted Kennedy proved conclusively that a ’67 Olds does not a submarine make, but with the right name you can still be the Lyin’ of the Senate, the PPACA decision arrived, in a flurry of prestidigitation that defies reasonable […]

‘Supidity’ Indeed. In Mathematical Terms, It’s Like Saying 2+2=3

by Smitty Bill Quick is taken aback at the postulated indifference toward the gay Green Lantern comic from DC: Why? Because mom and dad are such freaking idiots they think their kids will catch the dread gay disease from reading a comic book? I’m gobsmacked. This is the same Lefty media that brought you, in […]

Is Mr. Quick Arguing Against Freewill?

by Smitty Are we really having this argument? Is it your contention that homosexuality is a choice? If so, I disagree. I would further contend that the weight of scientific evidence is on my side of the disagreement, leaving you in the position of arguing that something RSM might call a “neutral objective fact” is […]

Really, Mr. Quick?

by Smitty Really, Mr. Quick? Smitty is running a Gay Obama item a day, more or less. I know he’s trying to hurt Obama by playing up Obama’s support of gay rights with those who think gays should have no rights at all. Hm. I can’t parse this in any meaningful way. Homosexuality, as an […]

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