The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Her Royal Majesty Shall Increase Your Chocolate Ration To 20oz From 30oz Per Week #HillaryCampaignSlogans

by Smitty [View the story “Hillary Camp Pain Slogans” on Storify]

Fernando To Her Majesty: “Dahling, You Look Mahvelous”

by Smitty Apparently, somebody missed the local Thronesniffers Anonymous meeting: Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Party’s nominee, and she will win the 2016 election. When you analyze the objective conditions of the Republican Party today and most likely over the next two years and compare them to Clinton’s strengths, it’s hard not to make […]

Feminist Wonders: Why Do Christofascist Godbags Keep ‘Dehumanizing’ Hillary?

Melissa McEwan channels her inner Dworkin: This is the most basic, primitive, unapologetic misogyny: Dehumanizing a powerful woman by calling her a monster. A devil. A witch. A beast. A castrating fiend. What set her off on this moonbat rant? Evidently, Kurt Schlichter and Kevin Williamson said Mean Things About Hillary. Now, let’s quickly flash […]

The Origin Of Her Majesty’s Horse Pucky

by Smitty Trojan Horse made with keyboard keys by Babis Pangiotidis #ModernArt #AncientGreece #Odysseus #Iliad #Homer #Troy — Zito E (@Zito__77) March 13, 2015 @Zito__77 Babis's Trojan Horse, Filled Hillary's server, of course. Road apples rolling therefrom. Explain her presser so dumb. @0ryuge — IGotOverMachoGrande (@smitty_one_each) March 13, 2015 Jokes aside: The Four Best Reasons To Defeat Hillary And Send […]

‘Early in Their Political Lives, the Clintons Needed to Maintain a Level of Artifice’

by Smitty I guess Matt Bai has some connection with Pravda on the Hudson (the NYT), which explains why his work as a Clinton apologist at Yahoo looks like it fell out of the Screwtape Letters. He mentions the word ‘lie’ about as often as Her Majesty touches the truth. The opening gag juxtaposing Senator […]

EmailGate Is Just How Her Majesty Rolls

by Smitty Trende gets close to the bone in Why Clinton’s Emails Matter, which you should read. But it’s not just a case study in Advanced Scandal Choreography, as we move from Bibi (“Quick, #OccupyResoluteDesk is too amateurish”) to Her Majesty’s Secret Email Service to Oh My God! Those 47 GOP Senators said something concise […]

Let Us Enjoy A Moment When We’ve Something Nice To Say Of Stacy’s Cousin

by Smitty It’s not often that I can give a thumbs up to fellow IFNAG and Senator John McCain, but signing Senator Cotton’s letter was the Right Thing To Do. Vox is about as clueful on this point as they were on Her Majesty’s email. McCain told Politico that: “I saw the letter, I saw […]

30,000 ‘Personal’ Emails?

Hillary Clinton’s big press conference Tuesday, where she “addressed” the subject of her official emails, she said this: We went through a thorough process to identify all of my work- related emails and deliver them to the State Department. At the end, I chose not to keep my private personal emails — emails about planning […]

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