The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Why Do College Girls Lie About Rape?

  Revenge. The most obvious motive for falsely accusing someone of a crime is apparent in a case at Brown University, where the former co-captain of the mock trial team alleges that he was the victim of what the College Fix calls “an elaborate revenge plot” by a girl on the team. According to a complaint […]

What Happened to Professor Bealer?

  Tara Bealer taught sociology at East Stroudsburg University in Nazareth, Pa. She got her bachelor’s degree from Cedar Crest College (annual tuition $35,600) in Allentown, Pa., and in 2006 got her master’s degree from Lehigh University (annual tuition $46,230) in Bethlehem, Pa. Somewhere along the way, however, Professor Bealer went astray. Having counseled recovering […]

Police: Lesbian Teacher Had Sex in Cemetery, Spent the Night With Teen Girl

  Public education news from rural Minnesota: A fourth-grade teacher and junior varsity athletics coach at Aitkin Public Schools is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old female student. Kristy Lynn Hoge, 24, was charged [May 6] with four counts of felony criminal sexual conduct in Crow Wing County District Court. . . […]

Rocky Horror Department of Education

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” — Barack Obama, Oct. 30, 2008 Whatever you say, you can’t say America had no warning about this: WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is planning to issue a sweeping directive telling every public school district in the country to allow transgender students […]

‘A Collective Blind Spot’

The BBC reports: Women in the UK are now 35% more likely than men to go to university and the gap is widening every year. A baby girl born in 2016 will be 75% more likely to go to university than a boy, if current trends continue. The Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) has published […]

Connecticut Outlaws College Sex

“Affirmative consent”: If you’re a college student in Connecticut and want to have consensual sex, you might want to leave the state to do it. The Legislature approved an “affirmative consent” bill Wednesday night that now goes to Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy, a proponent of the idea that sex is rape if one partner does […]

Delusions of Persecution: #TrigglyPuff’s Feminist Friend Jennie Chenkin Is Crazy

  When an event last week hosted by College Republicans at the University of Massachusetts was disrupted by a Hampshire College student named Cora Segal (see “What #TrigglyPuff Means”), the point-and-laugh reaction by conservatives was predictable. For more than two years, I have been urging conservatives to begin Taking Feminism Seriously. When I was assigned […]

What #TrigglyPuff Means

  The phenomenon of #TrigglyPuff — Cora Segal, the angry feminist who disrupted an event at the University of Massachusetts this week — deserves extended analysis, and I’ve got a 4,000-word draft in queue, awaiting the final touches. Spending two days analyzing the social significance of this comedic phenomenon was perhaps too much, but that’s […]

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