The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The Atheist Creep Lawrence Krauss

Professor Lawrence Krauss on Australian TV, February 2013. “Science is based on telling the truth, which is a really important ethical boundary. It’s one that I don’t think religion shares, in fact. . . . I think that science can offer a better world.” – Lawrence Krauss “Jen McCreight, who describes herself as ‘a liberal, […]

Shocking Video: ‘Coven’ of Pro-Abortion Women Attack Church in Argentina

You may have seen this video earlier — Ed Morrissey featured it at Hot Air — but I didn’t see it until it was tweeted to me by Covenant College student Keifer Wynn and, because it was in Spanish, at first I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking at. “Abortistas atacan a católicos que […]

Britain Belatedly Admits It Has an ‘Islamist Extremism’ Problem

Woolwich, England, May 22: Killer shouted, ‘Allahu akbar!’ Gee, how did they ever figure this out? Britain plans to classify “Islamist extremism” as a distinct ideology, British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Tuesday, as part the government’s response to the murder of a soldier on a busy London street. Cameron said he would implement […]

Why Everybody Hates Atheists

@rsmccain Science! — Lee Ritz, M.D. (@lee_ritz) December 4, 2013 It’s not just because atheists kill babies, because not all atheists do. But let’s admit that, in a universe of accidental randomness, there is nothing particularly special about a little clump of cells. Or a bigger clump of cells, for that matter. So if […]

The Parable of Banging the Babysitter

It was perhaps inevitable that the Christian homeschooling movement would have a sex scandal sooner or later, but . . . Doug Phillips? Former Vision Forum Ministries president Doug Phillips reiterated [Thursday] that his decision to resign from his leadership position was the proper outcome following his acknowledgement that he had “inappropriate relationship” with a […]

Lena Dunham and the Politics of Vagina

“If you’ve ever watched Girls or have been aware of the things Lena Dunham says, you’d see a portrait of narcissism and entitlement. … “It is the idea that the women on the show are entitled to men wanting them. Despite any flaw — whether it be physical, emotional, or a lack of accomplishments — they are owed a relationship […]

The Fear That Dare Not Speak Its Name

An art show in London was cancelled because of fears of Islamic terrorism, and arts writers at major newspapers ignored the cancellation. Mark Steyn has a few thoughts.  

Jesus Saves … Kirsten Powers?

The headline at Hot Air caught my eye: Kirsten Powers: My journey from atheist to Christian Whoa! Who saw this coming? Feminist Democrat gets Jesus? It’s like picking up the paper and reading that Kim Jong Un has decided that free markets and democratic elections are the way to go. Anyway, in her article in […]

Atheist Sex Offenders Are Dangerous

Ohio sex offender James Maxie is a violent atheist. Yes, I know what you’re probably thinking, but this is not about that. Actually, it’s about an anti-Christian criminal in Ohio: A self-described militant atheist with a criminal past faces multiple charges after an attack on a pastor who, after his sermon, had asked the man’s […]

The ‘Optics’ of Tyranny

With the mainstream media enthusiastically parroting Democrat “shutdown” propaganda, they think they can get away with anything: In a stunning development, some military priests are facing arrest if they celebrate mass or practice their faith on military bases during the federal government shutdown. Da Tech Guy soberly observes: I suspect arrest of Catholic Priests for […]

Canadian Muslim Arrested in Somalia After Reportedly Beheading His 4 Sons

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugged had this story, citing the Blazing Cat Fur blog and, to be honest, my reaction was, “You’re kidding me.” Surely, this had to be some kind of right-wing Islamophobic urban legend spread by irresponsible Internet gossip-mongers. Because I constantly watch the news — my TV is tuned to MSNBC at […]

Far-Right Religious Extremists in Tennessee Attacking Public Education

Oh . . . wait a minute. No, I’m sorry — that’s what the headline would be if Think Progress wrote this story. Let me try again: Teacher Tells Ten-Year-Old Memphis Girl She Can’t Write About God for Assignment Memphis mother Erica Shead said she was angry after her 10-year-old daughter Erin, told her Wednesday, […]

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