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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘STAKE THROUGH HIS HEART’: Your Official Town Hall Debate Thread

UPDATE 10:50 p.m. ET: Watching MSNBC so you don’t have to: Chris Matthews is wetting his pants in joy, gibbering like a meth freak on laughing gas. — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) October 17, 2012 Ed Schultz calls it a “stellar performance” for Obama. — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) October 17, 2012 @maddow “Best debate […]

The Most Important Voter in America

A lot of people laughed at this news last week, but if only she lived in a swing state, Lindsay Lohan would be the perfect example of why Barack Obama’s on the verge of losing this election: Lohan is a low information voter convinced that (a) employment is really important, (b) thinks that employment is not […]

Does This Explain Something?
UPDATE: What a Cover-Up Looks Like

Why is Obama still leading Mitt Romney in Ohio, but trailing in Florida? This puzzle might be explained by the early blitz of attack ads the Obama campaign laid down against Romney in Ohio back in May and June, which created a sort of “opinion deficit” that Romney has had to try to make up during the […]

Further Proof That Chicks Dig Mitt UPDATE: @Tawny_Kitaen, Too? OMG!

#tcot @lindsaylohan OK, it’s official: You are now my favorite… — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) October 12, 2012 @lindsaylohan But let’s keep this entre nous, OK? If @alyssa_milano finds out, there could be trouble. — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) October 12, 2012 The so-called “gender gap” is caused by ugly women who feel rejected […]

Expect the Unexpected: Why Liberals Suddenly Melted Down After the Debate

Da Tech Guy points out that the latest Pew poll has caused the Washington Post‘s Jon Cohen to join the ranks of “poll denialists.” Until this week, only conservatives were calling attention to the Democrat/Republican/Indpendent distribution of poll samples, which were often showing skewed numbers that defied any rational expectation of what the 2012 electorate would look […]

23 Million Reasons to Ignore Big Bird

With the polls beginning to indicate a sudden meltdown in the president’s support, the Obama campaign has nothing to offer now except ridiculous distractions about Muppets. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney keeps focused on the important issues of this election: “About 23 million Americans, still looking for a good job. You’ve got college graduates this year, came out last […]


by Smitty It’s slightly mundane, the triumph of a Presidential candidate with enough motivation for the job to take on a little rain: Mitt Romney looks great in the rain… — Nico Hines (@NicoHines) October 8, 2012 Indeed, it’s a far cry from the ol’ boom-stick days: UPDATE: [well, so much for letting me […]

Text of Mitt Romney’s Speech at VMI

The text of the foreign policy speech Mitt Romney gave today at the Virginia Military Institute, as prepared for delivery: I particularly appreciate the introduction from my good friend and tireless campaign companion, Gov. Bob McDonnell. He is showing what conservative leadership can do to build a stronger economy. Thank you also Congressman Goodlatte for […]

‘Machine Gun Preacher’ Endorses Mitt

“If you see @mittromney, tell him he’s got the Machine Gun Preacher’s vote.” — Pastor Sam Childers (@machgunpreacher) on phone just now — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) October 8, 2012 When the cellphone rang this morning and I saw the name on caller ID, it was a pleasant surprise: “Sam, how the heck are you, […]

A Different Spin On Obama’s Denver Clock-Cleaning

by Smitty Daily Pundit links VDH in yet another rational review of What Went Wrong In Denver. Sure, as far as it goes. But if I may “. . .think of a man, and. . .take away reason and accountability“, maybe we need to recall that the Obama Administration is nothing if not the ultimate […]

Is America Ready For A President Who Can Humbly Say I Was ‘Completely Wrong’?

by Smitty NRO hasn’t got any embed code I can find, but Mitt on Hannity definitely mowed on crow for his 47% remark. What a refreshing development, after four years of “There is no personality conflict: I’ve got the personality, you’ve got the conflict” from #OccupyResoluteDesk. The Romney campaign should find subtle ways to underscore […]

The New Yorker Cover Lays Down A Stone Cold #Eastwooding

by Smitty Via Drudge, here’s one for the books: Debating from an angry chair Angry pout that steals the air Ego hurts and I don’t care What do I see across the way, hey See my job molded in clay, oh Stares at me, yeah I’m afraid, hey Changing the shape of his face, ah […]

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