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The Protocols of the Elders of CTHULHU XII. Re-engineering ‘Freedom’

Posted on | February 17, 2010 | Comments Off on The Protocols of the Elders of CTHULHU XII. Re-engineering ‘Freedom’


The third glance pulled it all together: a coffin, ringed by a dozen chairs, each its own horror story.

The door opened inward, but I could not see who was in the hallway. There was a man’s voice, but his mind sounded badly broken. “…glaciers…data…bastards…lost…hockey stick…” were some of the rantings.
The old man had made it near the door, and the voice retained at least one functioning eye, for there seemed to be recognition as the old body shambled forward, raising its arms to the gestures of the squid on the table.
“Mr. Buh-buh-buh-buh…thank god for a friendly face! Your sponsorship was so important, but you’ve got to save–wha-wha-NOOOOoooooo….” as the old man left the room, followed by the functionary, and the door shut.

“Freedom is the right to do that which the law allows.

Freedom of speech and press shall not in any wise exist in our novus ordo seculorum.

The pretext for stopping any publication will be the alleged plea that it is agitating the public mind without occasion or justification. I beg you to note that among those making attacks on us will also be organs established by us, but they will attack exclusive points that we have pre-determined to alter.
Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control.

Literature and journalism are two of the most important educative forces, and therefore our government will become proprietor of the majority of the journals.

The three ranks of media outlets shall be:

  1. …organs of an official character
  2. The media.
  3. …our own, to all appearance, opposition, which, in at least one of its organs, will present what looks like the ery antipodes to us. Our real opponents at heart will accept this simulated opposition as their own and will show us their cards.

We, of course maintain our poker face.”

The room was nearly back to where it had begun, but the squid in the fishtank seemed larger still.



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