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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Fumbling Majority Jerks Recklessly, Arhythmically

Posted on | March 6, 2010 | 9 Comments

by Smitty

Two months into the second quarter of the Worst Administration Ever, coupled with The Congress That Shall Live in Infamy, and atrocious ideas continue to shamble forward, zombielike. I’m moving toward the suspicion that the left knows that ObamaCare is pure fail, and that their goal is to make the death of ObamaCare the most excruciating possible spectacle, so that their backers can maximize the angst.

Wrangling Justice For Rangel

  • Grimcargo:

    All it is, is them waccist white people.

Is Ron Paul Daft?

  • Wondering Jew:

    Smitty, well reasoned as always. It’s a pleasure to read your repeated defenses of Paul on this site.

    Whether or not one agrees with all of his policy positions, he is not “The enemy” as many establishment conservatives would like to claim.

    Glad to see Jonah Goldberg (whom I have always respected) also taking a reasonable view of the issue.

  • John:

    It seems to me the beltway GOP is more afraid of Ron Paul than the democrats; because unlike the vast majority of republicans, he actually does what he says.

  • KG:

    Too bad so many keep a firm grasp on the wool over their eyes. The Fed is one of many Gov’t created… things that have damaged this country. End it.

  • Gryph:

    It was never domestic policy that I had a problem with Paul on. When it comes to my lack of support for him to seek higher office than he now enjoys, the foreign policy stuff is a deal-breaker, Smitty.

    As a conservative, I’m okay with that. I can tolerate what I view as differences-of-opinion. I’ll call someone an “ally” whom I see as a fellow defender of freedom, but a Ron Paul supporter will lose me at accusations of being “ignorant” or part of the “unwashed masses,” which seems to happen quite often.

  • Live Free Or Die:

    When all else fails, attack the man. Ron Paul’s rubber, and they’re glue…
    End the Fed!

  • Bill:

    I was a libertarian in 1988 and drove Paul around Portland for the campaign. He sure didn’t act anti-Semitic towards me and my family (I extorted a lunch with my daughter from him, so she could brag about having lunch with a presidential candidate, which he was good natured about.) I never felt even a hint of any discomfort with Jews. Besides, wasn’t he pals with Rothbard? He might very well have some problem with our foreign policy in the ME. He’s a non-interventionist!

  • Michael:

    Would an audit of the Fed Reveal how much is left of the nation’s gold reserves?

  • Calvin Freiburger:

    Sorry, but I can’t give Paul a pass on those newsletters so easily. “Daft” would easily be the *most* charitable thing that could be said of any of them, and Paul’s knowledge/involvement in them is still very much an open question.

  • William R:

    Well I’m surprised McCain actually posted this. It isn’t a Ron Paul smear piece.

    As for Jonah Goldberg, he posted a snotty piece on the corner the other day mocking Ron Paul about Watergate and Saddam and the FED. Even a 30 second search on google turns up stuff backing Paul up over Bernake.

    But today Ron Paul read a letter on the floor of the House from Robert Auerbach. Who is Robert Auerbach?

    Robert Auerbach is Professor of Public Affairs at the Lyndon Baines Johnson School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin. He was an economist with the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee during the tenure of four Federal Reserve Chairmen: Arthur Burns, William Miller, Paul Volcker, and Alan Greenspan. Auerbach also served as an economist in the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Domestic Monetary Affairs during the first year of the Ronald Reagan administration and as a financial economist with the U.S. Federal Reserve System. Auerbach has been a professor of economics at the American University in Washington, D.C. (1976-83), and a professor of economics and finance at the University of California-Riverside (1983-93). He has written numerous articles, and two textbooks in banking and financial markets. He received two Masters degrees in economics, one from the University of Chicago and one from Roosevelt University, where he studied under Abba Lerner, and a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago, where he studied under Milton Friedman.

  • Guest:

    I’ve met too many Ron Paul supporters who earn their money as hired contractors for the ‘evil military industrial complex’ for me to know that most all Ron Paul supporters are duplicitous in nature.

    Ron Paul supporters working for the ‘evil military industrial complex’ is a bad as when they deal in dirty rigged-markets with dictators and tyrants then attempt to declare it’s all about free-market.

    The Politics of Walletism is soulless, irrational and thoroughly un-American.

  • William R:

    Yea, and I’ve met many guest posters that turn out to be meatheads.

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Tonight I Was Chatting With My Daughter

  • Cousin Sam:

    “….the most popular boy in school, captain of the **soccer** team.”

    Who knew your daughter went to school in Europe? That must have been expensive! 🙂

  • TR Sterling:

    You and Sarah using your props as kids again? hehe

  • Finrod:

    Two Coronas? That got a reaction? Personally I don’t bother with alcoholic drinks that aren’t at least about 20 proof, myself. I just be sure to drink water along with it, saves me from hangovers most of the time.

    Oh, fyi, the Lisa Graas facebook link seems b0rken.

  • Bob Belvedere:

    What starts off as a nice little story about a father and daughter bonding, quickly turns into Daddy-O’s ego self-messaging time.

    Jeez Louise, Stace, you’re turning into Barry O!

  • Bob Belvedere:

    At least I still pick my boogers in private!

    Yea…true…but what’s this with the GQ appearance?

  • wombat-socho:

    Isn’t it great to have a daughter you can be proud of?

  • Dave C:

    One word: Elopement.

  • Patrick:

    Heh…. 😛

  • Roxeanne de Luca:

    What a great picture of the couple! 🙂 You have a very beautiful daughter, Stacy. Congratulations to them both.

    So… details! What kind of wedding are you looking at? Venue? Food? Wine? Time of day? C’mon, some of us are living vicariously here!

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Health Care Summit Review: ‘I Laughed, I Cried, It Was Better Than Cats!’

  • Red:

    ‘NO!’. I like the sound of it ;-)”Yes, we can” versus, “No, you wont'” (not on my dime anyway).

  • Fat Man:

    Try this one:
    The Writings of Herman Melville; The Northwestern-Newberry Edition
    Correspondence: Volume Fourteen,
    Lynn Horth (Editor)
    p. 186
    To Nathaniel Hawthorne
    [16 April?] 1851 * Pittsfield, MA

    There is the grand truth about Nataniel Hawthorne. He says NO! in thunder; but the Devil himself cannot make him say yes. For all men who say yes, lie; and all men who say no, ‘why, they are in the happy condition of judicious, unencumbered travellers in Europe; they cross the frontiers into Eternity with nothing but a carpet-bag,’ that is to say, the Ego. Whereas those yes-gentry, they travel with heaps of baggage, and, damn them! they will never get through the Custom House.

  • Sue:

    The GOP have showed no plan to bring in the uninsured, and until they do, Obama will win the moral argument.

  • Live Free Or Die:

    And once again, Pelosi, and Reid show off their senility.

    There is no ‘Right’ to ‘Free HealthCare’.
    If I want a service done, that I cannot do myself, I must pay for that service. As it is written, ‘For the workman is worthy of his meat.’
    Expecting ‘Free HealthCare’ is like eating at a restaurant, and then running out without paying the bill, let alone stiffing the waitstaff.

  • Bob Belvedere:

    Quoted from and Linked to at:
    Brain Dead And In A Persistent Vegetative State

  • RES:

    We heah in The South know what will foller whenver some smart guy stands up and shouts “Hey ya’ll, watch this!” the way Obama did Thursday.

    An Sue, honey, to quote the sage, just ’cause you don’t know their plan don’t mean they don’t have a plan.

  • furious:

    “Republicans are no longer afraid of the One”

    They’ve realized that Obama is an empty suit spouting empty words. When they challenge him he shows both his fangs and his poor grasp of the facts (“I don’t want to get into the details” = “I haven’t a clue”). So much for the poised, detached cool.

    The rubes who fell for Obama’s campaign schtick are starting to realize it, too. This debate, and his Administration, are not going to end prettily.

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Arizona’s New Motto: The Birther State

  • Fritz Katz:

    Somebody’s lying, is it Hayworth or McCain?

    According to Erick Erickson at RedState:

    “J. D. Hayworth said definitely that Barack Obama is the President of the United States and meets all the legal and constitutional requirements to be President. Period. End of Story”….

    So, who are you going to believe?

  • Dave C:

    I lived in Arizona for about 12 years and my parents are still living out there.

    Yes, it still is a big issue out there.

    And it’s something a lot of people latch onto as a quick way to get him out of the Presidency too. Not crazy, quacks or ‘Nirthers’ as the damn dirty hippie calls them.

  • Evan McLaren:

    I think it’s correct to identify a racial undertone in the overall outsider-conservative ferment, with Tea Parties and the like.

    [Feel free, going forward, to out me for sending you bitchy emails, McCain.]

  • Blake:

    First, Evan, you’re an @ss. What is it with you people and race?

    Anyway, my two cents:

    If, indeed, President Obama is not an American citizen, I tend to think it would be as much of a surprise to the President as it would be to everyone else.

    Think it through, rather than ascribing nefarious motives to the President.

    President Obama was raised as an American citizen. President Obama probably never had any reason to question whether or not he is a natural born citizen.

    And no, I don’t think President Obama is not a natural born citizen.

    And, if people really think this matter should be pursued, try the following on for size:

    President Joseph Biden
    Vice President Nancy Pelosi

    (see: Ford, Gerald)

  • Evan McLaren:

    Quoting Kirk Lazarus: “‘You people’? What do you mean, ‘you people’?”

    But seriously, what do you mean?

  • Live Free Or Die:

    Last I knew, Arizona had a semi-closed primary, allowing independent voters to take either a Democrat, or Republican ballot. Independents then would have to redeclare as an independent with their local voter registration/city clerk.
    Someone from Arizona could confirm if this is still the case.
    Ademocrat could always register as an independent,or republican in advance, in order to effect a Republican primary, if that’s what they wanted to do. Just takes a little more foresight and effort.

  • The Monster:

    One of the frightening things to come of the “Nirther” business is that there is apparently no forum to raise a challenge to a candidate’s eligibility save for the Congress when it meets to open the ballots cast by the Electors. The USGOV claims it has no jurisdiction over this “local” election for Electors (except in the District of Criminals, where Congress delegates much Home Rule authority to the local government). The states have said it is a “federal” matter, and therefore not in their jurisdiction.

    If Ahnold Schwarzenegger wanted to run for President, and enough Electors chose to give him the job, and enough Congressmen refused to hear the evidence that he was, in fact, born in Austria, there’s nothing to prevent him from taking office. Fortunately, given how things are going in Caleeefornia, this is a hypothetical.

    But the fact remains that there is no mechanism for pre-qualifying candidates before their names appear on a ballot, which would seem to be the logical way to do such things. Unfortunately, if someone introduces or advocates legislation to certify someone is eligible to hold the office of President before the parties complete their nomination processes, they are immediately slammed as Nirthers and crypto-raaaaacists.

  • Roxeanne de Luca:

    Not sure that it’s a dispossession issue so much as one of basic equality. I know that any employer in this country is going to require me to produce proof of my citizenship and probably check my background. They will almost have to pay me at least minimum wage and comply with various worker’s rights laws.

    On the other hand, illegals don’t have to do any of that and are more attractive to their employers because they can be hired for less money or without benefits. From any perspective, that two-tiered system is a bad one.

    Likewise, those of us who have to provide documentation to get a job are irked over the fact that the President, who works for us, apparently considers himself to be above that. Likewise, as someone who once had a high-level security clearance, I’m furious that there is apparently no examination of his background, either via the government or the press. I had to tell the feds about my stepdad’s alien registration number and give them the name of every neighbour I’ve had since I was born, but, apparently, this dolt doesn’t have to do that and thinks himself above it.

    Yeah, Americans should be angry.

  • Michael A. Shoemaker:

    I supported McCain to the tune of $600 during his ’08 Presidential bid — a drop in the bucket for McCain and his cronies like George Soros and the Council on Foreign Relations, or for the bankers McCain helped bail out, but a good deal for my wife and I. McCain is desperate for votes. Why else would he bring up the “birther” issue? If his opponent had brought it up, it might be worth a comment and it might not; but it is McCain himself who brought it up. Maybe McCain isn’t concerned, that Kenyan and Indonesian citizens can become US President. Maybe he isn’t concerned whether or not Arizona or Texas become states of Mexico. Maybe he isn’t concerned about anything of substance, other than getting elected. He can be happy that I don’t live in Arizona, because I’m thoroughly disgusted with him — and with those like Palin, who support him.

A Tea Party In Brighton, UK

  • theCL:

    Even the socialist British are less sissified than we are. That was one ‘Grade A’ whuppin’!

  • missred:

    now we need some american politician to say the same words to oh bumbletwit

Obamanomics: It’s Still Not Working

  • Libfail:

    Can’t wait to see how many liberals come on this post and complain about Republicans again. Why are Democrats in power if all they can do is blame Republicans? Leaders don’t whine about others they solve the problems. Apparently Democrats are incapable of doing that right now.

  • Gentle Leader:

    I get so frustrated and angry just thinking about the damage that Obama has caused in the past year of office. It is hard to believe that we have to tolerate this for three more years. When you take to the people who are still backing him, they are clueless and uninformed.

  • RES:

    On a more positive (if not wholly irrelevant) note, please be advised that there is a contingent of American cheerleaders desperately in need of friends (on Facebook) in their desire to raise our troops’ morale IYKWIMAITYD:

    We have 2 days left & have not reached our goal of 10,000 Fans, if our fans would invite 20 or more of their friends we would meet our goal before the deadline! Help us reach the goal and our Sponsor will give $5,000 to a Military Charity that we chose!Thank You all for your Support in this endeavor!!!!/pages/USA-CHEERLEADERS/34473734110?ref=mf

    SF author John Ringo (latest release: Live Free Or Die) has promised to kill me (literarily) if these poor deserving, barely clad young ladies achieve their goal.

    N.B., Stacy, if you included an email address I wouldn’t have to highjack your thread this way just to give you a chance to endorse this noble mission.

  • RES:

    Back on topic: doesn’t Obama & the Dems’ latest plan amoount to promising that the beatings will continue until morale improves? Sheesh! Liberals fiddle while the economy burns.

  • Adobe Walls:

    Mr. McCain I’ve read your prescient article “It Wont Work” for the first time. I find that your only significant error was that even after 14 months the Social Democrats are indeed still blaming the Republicans for causing and preventing the solution of all of our problems.

  • Joe:

    Neocarter malaise, it tastes just as bad the second time around.

Troglopundit Made Me Do It

  • mpw280:

    He has been flipping off the American Public so long he doesn’t even realize he is doing it. mpw

  • Bob Mccain:

    i’m this dudes son, check out my music page here

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Chile Earthquake Threatens Tsunami

  • Paco:

    There’s a good reason I didn’t take that bet.

    The Watcher:

    I’m waiting for Hugo to blame it on the eeeeevil US and our Earthquake Machine.

Charlie Crist Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

  • Joe:

    Charlie Crist seems confused about things.

  • Michael:

    The latest internetz rumorz are that Crist is planning on running as an independent.

  • Carol:

    In the article you reference Charlie is talking out of both sides of his, um, mouth. That is what Charlie does. He wants to be all things to all people rather than choosing a set of principals and taking ownership of them. His beliefs, like his sexuality, are fluid. Pick a side, Charlie.

  • chuck cross:

    Too many hours in the tanning bed.

  • Jack:

    With Charlie Crist, we should just be glad it was only a foot that was inserted.

  • A Stephens:

    Hey Charlie, why do you have fuzzy dice hanging off the rearview of your limo? Oh wait, that’s your testicles, my bad.

  • Jake_W:

    This is becoming habitual for the Crist campaign. What part of the HCR bill is worth keeping? Name me one part.

    Also, I agree with what Carol says completely.

  • Dave C:

    Looks like eggs, bacon and a slice of Crist tomorrow for breakfast.

  • Finrod:

    With just a bit of alteration, that headline can be a haiku:

    Crist says he would not
    ditch Dem healthcare reform; can’t
    find part worth keeping

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Jumping In Pools Interviews Da Tech Guy

  • datechguy:

    Lucky for me the beauty part departed long ago so the sleep is less important.

    BTW did you get that package from me yet?

  • Jeff Weimer:

    Heh, Chris needs beauty sleep.

    When you gonna wake up?

Hopium Vs. ManBearPig: Which Is Correct?

  • keyboard jockey:

    Did you know if you take the initials BHO and rearrange them you have HBO? Didn’t HBO air an Inconvenient Truth? Sorry I didn’t see – wasn’t forced to sit in a classroom, and watch the movie so I have to be content playing word scramble.

  • Live Free Or Die:

    Who was it that said,”This was the moment that the rise of the oceans began to slow and the earth began to heal.”?

  • kansas:

    Well, it turned out to have been the moment when it was uncovered the oceans were not rising and there was nothing wrong with the earth.

  • DCC:

    And yet more victims of Nobel Peace Prize Winner Algore’s beautiful message of imaginary global catastrophe and irrational panic:,2933,587667,00.html

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Marie Osmond’s Son Commits Suicide

  • Jeff Weimer:

    Walter Koenig’s son and now this?

    The children of my childhood.

    And they think life is too much to go on?

  • Dandapani:

    Children of privilege. Never a good mix.

  • Live Free Or Die:

    I blame the Tea Party Movement, backwoods pot growers, Fox News, and Right Wing Talk Radio.

  • Aussie:

    I am very sorry to hear this news. Very sorry indeed.

News From Southern Appalachia

  • Dandapani:

    As far as I can tell, the surname Iqbal is Muslim from Pakastan, and Kanagasegar is Hindu from India. The family origin of these brilliant children are not surprising. What is is that a homeschooled child wasn’t the winner.

She Just Digs Those New Media Guys

  • snaggletoothie:

    I read a fair amount of the right blogosphere and one finds many there who are very willing to compliment women on their beauty or hotness. So, I don’t think it is dead over here.
    The only left site I visit regularly is the daily Kos. No bikini pics there. And reading the site, you might never guess that anyone had any sexuality except the elementary school kids they want to more quickly sexualize ‘for their own good.’ I think much of my attraction to dk is that unintended comedy from the writer’s human-robot like take on things that makes RedEye’s Robot Theatre seem almost normal. That, and it is so easy to find ridiculous quotes so easily. It is almost as if they are another species. A species determined to place on display as many missteps of nature as possible.

  • Jack:

    She has very large hands. It looks like she could palm a basketball.

  • Roscoe:

    To me she looks totally invisible…..

  • Jack:

    You’d notice those man paws if she was cupping your junk. Then you’d be asking yourself how Larry Brid found his way into your bed room.

    Unless you’re Wilt Chamberlain, I’m going to assume that you’re already playing with a handicap, so the last thing you need those man hands creating an embarrassing optical illusion.

  • JeffS:

    Well, she is totally HAAAWWWTT! So Alyssa needs to chill.

  • Steve in TN:

    Face it… Sometimes RSM crosses obliterates the line of decency. This could be such a time.

  • RickS:

    You’d notice those man paws if she was cupping your junk.——-LMFAO

  • Roxeanne de Luca:

    Because of feminism and political correctness, young guys have never learned to flatter a girl merely for the sake of flattery.

    Nor have women learned to flatter men (or treat them well) merely for the sake of doing so.

    This business of appreciating human beings for who they are – sentient persons who can all be gifts to each other – makes life more pleasant and fulfilling than seeing other members of the human race as a means to an end. Go figure.

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11-Year-Old’s Mom Gets Upset About Middle School’s Online Dating Site

  • Rich Fader:

    What could possibly go wrong?

  • The Javelineer:

    What Rich said.

  • Adrienne:


  • Dharmarajan:

    Our world is changing fast and these are the signs of changing times.

    Let’s hope for the best.

VIDEO: Yet More Evidence That Frank Schaeffer Is Off His Meds Again

  • Joe:

    I resent being implied or called a racist for opposing the President.

    I know this is hard for some to believe, but some of us are really just opposed to the policies he promotes. We would dislike those policies just the same regardless of his race. When John McCain adopts some of them, people don’t like them either. Is the Hayworth campaign driven by race or because conservatives disagree with John McCain?

    It is not personnal…its politics.

  • JeffS:

    Playing the racism card again, eh? Lefties ought to know better by now. But they do tend to be very slow learners.

    …people like me, 57-year-old white guy who used to be a Republican…

    At best, he was a RINO. At worst, a blatant liar.

  • chuck cross:

    What a freakin’ fruitloop.

  • Doug hagin:

    Racial Obsession Syndrome has taken it’s toll on Franky there it seems. But, Liberals do tend to be far, far more obsessed with skin color. Very sad.

  • young4eyes:

    “as a general rule, Republicans want to defeat Democrats and vice-versa, without regard to the ethnicity of the partisan contestants.”
    Well, that’s what YOU would want us to believe. But take into consideration the unprecedented use of the filibuster as well as a recent poll showed that Republicans in office think that Bill Clinton was a better President( you know, the same Bill Clinton Repugs were harping about years after he was out of office because, you know, he was a swell guy) and Schaeffer’s claims begin to make sense.
    Conservative sensitivity to the POTUS’ race issue can be seen as an indicator that there is some truth to the accusation. That you can sit there and deny ANY issues concerning his race is comical. At the end of the day history will show that Republican opposition to this particular POTUS, even when this POTUS has adopted ideas from the previous Republican administration, is not based in policy disagreements but in something more personal.
    Nice try though. Conservatism is unhinged in its unabashed hatred for this President because many cannot handle the shift in what they perceive as the proper order of societal standards. Obama is the Jackie Robinson of Presidential history. Anyone around here remember what he had to go through? Yeah, the guys who spit at him didn’t think it was racism either….

  • William:

    It’s an awkward position to have, because it really just shows how much of a thick-headed moron you are for not realizing that the most radical presidential agenda ever would be fought harder than ever before.

    I, for one, am curious what an actually racist Republican agenda would look like. A House Bill declaring that no one will be forced to eat Fried Chicken and Collared greens if they don’t want to? The Republicans submitting a Progressive bill because they don’t like the one the “colored” came up with? The Republican counterpoint to the SOTU done in blackface?

    But, really, I’m still mad at the Republicans over this lunacy more than the hard-to-think idiots. If they hadn’t been so “We get a turn, you get a turn” when they were in office, then maybe there’d be less morons that honestly think Racism has anything to do with rejecting Statist policy.

  • Rae:

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: If Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas or Janice Rogers Brown were POTUS, conservatives would drop to their knees and thank God every day.

    False accusations of racism (which does a disservice to actual instances of racism) is all they have left, since everything they do fails so spectacularly.

    young4eyes, it’s your filthy collectivist ideology, stupid!

  • Amanda Read:

    This is the son of Francis Schaeffer? The man who understood and articulated the decline of Western Civilization better than any other scholar I know of? Unreal.


  • Steve Poling:

    Frank Schaeffer is a blot on the memory of his father. He manipulated his father into political activism because of Roe v Wade. Then he became a Republican only because there was no way the Democrats would carry his anti-abortion torch.

  • theCL:

    There’s so much wrong in that video, it’s like, why bother responding.

    Somebody paid this moron to write a book?

    ATTN: Publishers!

    I’m a lot smarter than this Frank chap, and I’m cheap!

  • JeffS:

    Well, that’s what YOU would want us to believe. But take into consideration the unprecedented use of the filibuster as well as a recent poll showed that Republicans in office think that Bill Clinton was a better President( you know, the same Bill Clinton Repugs were harping about years after he was out of office because, you know, he was a swell guy) and Schaeffer’s claims begin to make sense.

    Clearly, young4eyes, you know not of why there is a filibuster……and how the supermajority works to override it (i.e., cloture). Hint: read up on “the history of the filibuster“, and ponder this: the Dhimmicrats effectively had a supermajority in BOTH houses for nearly a year, and they STILL couldn’t ram this crap sandwich through.

    As other pundits have noted, that’s not “obstructionism”, that’s a lack of unity and incompetence. On the part of the majority party in Congress, not the Republicans.

    But, hey, feel free to ignore the screw ups of your party leaders. It makes our job of stopping the socialists a whole lot easier.

    And, yes, Bill “I loves me a good cigar holder” Clinton WAS a better president than Obama. But Clinton was still a crappy president, in large part because many of his priorities were his personal priorities, not what the country needed (e.g., shooting camels in the butt with cruise missiles in a lame attempt to pander to everyone at once). Not to mention his personal life tended to intrude on his duties. In a public fashion.

    All of which just means that Obama is not as good as Clinton was. And nothing more.

    But, hey, feel free to whack yourself with the Crazy Stick as much you like. It’s your head, after all.

  • room 207:

    Frank Schaeffer went from being a hate-filled right-winger to being a hate-filled left-winger. He went from being a fundamentalist on the right, damning the unbelievers, to being a fundamentalist on the left, still damning the unbelievers. All of it in the name of Jesus.

    He may, in some marginal fashion, be a Christian. However, Jesus told us to love our enemies, our friends, our brothers, our neighbors. Everyone falls into one of those categories. Biblically, I do not see how anyone can intimately know Jesus, as Savior and God, and still operate in such hate and condemnation.

  • ccoffer:

    Who knew the word “nigger” had so many synonyms? Professor, One Term President, Arrogant, Socialist, etc..

    Hell, do the Thesaurus people know about this change in the lexicon? My copy is apparently useless now.

    Racist Americans are so damn dumb they voted for a darkie even though they hate “those people”. What a bunch of dumbasses. I hate us so much.

  • JeffS:

    I hate us so much.

    That’s the one true statement you made in your entire, spittle filled post, ccoffer.

  • Maura:

    I think he’s having a mid-life crisis. I knew Frank a little ‘back in the day’ and previously he didn’t speak like this at all.

    And I agree with Steve above (#12): Frank is increasingly a blot on the memory of his father.

    Racial Obsession Syndrome is perfectly descriptive in this case, sadly.

  • pivey:

    Analogy Time-

    Francis Schaeffer:Frank Schaeffer
    Ronald Reagan:Ronny Reagan

  • Alec Leamas:

    Never heard of the cocksucker until he became an “ex-conservative.” Hmmm, I think there may be a reason for that . . .

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Meghan McCain: Chase Peterson Interviews the Great American Mind

  • MrPaulRevere:

    Mr. McCain, you must get this to GlennBeck somehow, he has been merciless toward this vapid valley girl.

  • proof:

    People in my generation think that this performance gives Meghan too much credit!

  • Joe:

    On an island of gerbils, Ms. McCain might be considered a “great mind.” On an island of chimpanzees she would rank somewhere between fourth and third quartile.

    But when it is closing time in some bar and you are lonely and had too much to drink, you will be thankful for the Meghan McCains of the world.

  • QueenRinoPrincess:

    Where’s Allahpundit to defend her? Where is the love?

  • Cousin Sam:

    Meghan McCain: The Paris Hilton of Politics, famous for being famous….

  • Meghan McCain’s Generation:

    Haha! Love Joe’s comment about McIdiot at closing time.

Logic May Be Off The Table In ObamaCare Discussions, But Still…

  • young4eyes:

    “Only in Lefty la-la land can bringing a copy of the subject of the meeting to the meeting, when the motive is clearly to speak intelligently to crucial points therein, be miscast in negative light somehow.”
    Well, it would have been one thing to bring a “copy of the subject” as something to reference. Instead Cantor brought it along to make a point about its size, not its content. Obama properly eviscerated him when he reminded him that the “issue” was a complex. It is pointless and jejune to try to score political points by pretending that an issue of this magnitude should be simple enough to fit in a handbook of a size befitting the limited understanding of your average Republican.
    But if you really want to engage in a dialogue, let us begin by having Republicans explain to Americans why they oppose HealthCare reforms: not just Obama’s HC reforms, but reforms period. You guys had 10 years of House dominance and did nothing to improve a situation you still seem to deem just dandy.
    So the real issue is not opposition to “statist” policies, but a reluctance, nay!, a refusal to do anything!
    In fact, that is theConservative motto, isn’t it? Just say no?
    Well only in America can a group of people support a candidate, with tax-payer dollars, to do nothing.
    It would be one thing to serve your constituents by providing alternatives to ideas you do not like.. But that isn’t the case with modern Conservatism, is it?
    Go ahead and send your favorite party hack to Washington to do nothing and get paid well to do so. Not to mention the sweet Govt. Healthcare they are privy to in the process.
    Your turn to speak….

  • Remember: If You Didn’t Vote for Obama, You’re a Dangerous Nut

    • chuck cross:

      Excellent column — will send this one around!

    • USMC:

      Mr. McCain,

      I was wondering why do we continue to debate these people as if they’re relevant?

      Their media is dying and we should let it die!
      The progressives are lost and many will never learn until their theories are experienced in their lives and even then they may not see the light.

      There are tens of millions out there who haven’t drunk the Kool Aid. By no means am I telling you what to do but this is a suggestion.

      Stop responding to this BS and talk about returning to our Founders, etc. Now, if a scandal breaks that exposes progressive organizations then so be it. Hell, expose the progressive founders and their despicable beliefs. But this tit for tat is slowing us down. IMHO.

      Many will disagree with this tactic. I understand that. In my mind “the debate is over.” We just need to impose our will and return to Liberty and to hell with their opinions and what they believe.

    • Reaganite Republican:

      Well done sir, featured and linked at Reaganite Republican

    • Dave C:

      Isn’t it like shooting fish in a barrel anymore?

    • keyboard jockey:

      The Kool Aide Has Turned To Poison, Will The Democrats Still Drink It?

    • Rich Fader:

      Hey, now! I’m a dangerous nut entirely aside from that.

    • Dyspepsia Generation linked it.
    • Da Tech Guy picked it up.
    • The Sundries Shack gives it the nod.
    • Obi’s Sister checks in.
    • Richmond Liberty Alliance says hello.
    • Fausta rounded up the Rich blowback.
    • No Sheeples Here piled on, too.

    The Manchurian Maverick: John McCain Claims Bailout ‘Brainwash’ Victimhood

    • dad29:

      Well….Paulson lied to EVERYBODY, and probably to GWB, too–who also munched on the s&^% sandwich.

      You allege that McCain was too gullible, rather than that Paulson should be tarred, feathered, castrated, and sent into exile.

      I favor both.

    • w:

      Tom Maguire has a good post on this.

    • Joe Marier:

      I want McCain to win this primary, but he’s really running a lousy campaign. Then again, so is Hayworth.

    • goy:

      This is an extremely weak point on which to attack McCain. As dad29 points out, he WAS misled and, ultimately, lied to. As we all were.

      In this case, the facts are overwhelmingly on McCain’s side.

    • Bob Belvedere:

      Stacy: You were right and I was wrong at the time. Though I did not excoriate you in a posting, I respectfully disagreed, thinking his long bomb may work. I should have listened to your argument. Well done.

      SIDENOTE: Thank you for the mention in the HEADLINES section. The Bishop, Irish Cicero, and I are fighting for the noble cause of natural female breasts against those who would foist false and misleading ones on the already beaten-down and put-upon American male.

      But I must gently correct you on one small matter: I have not gone nuclear as yet [The Classic Liberal has, to no effect, using out-dated atomic weaponry (ie: Anne Hathaway)]. I am still using conventional weapons and, though fully prepared to go thermonuclear if necessary, plan to do so out of a decent respect for mankind. I must admit, however, that my patience with Kaiser GatorDoug, Comrade Chris Hotsky Trotsky Wysoki, Il Duche Russ Muss Olini, and Sultan MEHmed Todd is wearing thin.

    • Joe Marier:

      That’s fine, goy, but I still think McCain made an error here.

      You can’t get around the fact that McCain excoriated Democrats who used the the same excuse (I was misled) for their support of the Iraq war resolution. You give somebody the authority to do something — whether it be going to war with the Iraqi regime or invest 700 billion with some discretion — then you’re at least partially responsible for the results. As a candidate you should accept that and move to the next topic, not try and pathetically spin your way out.

    • ymchoo:

      Excerpts from Henry Paulson’s memoir:

      – We’d devised TARP to save the financial system. Now it had become all about politics—presidential politics. I wondered what McCain could have been thinking. Calling a meeting like this when we didn’t have a deal was playing with dynamite.

      – Now Obama and the Democrats were skillfully setting up the story line that McCain’s intervention had polarized the situation and that Republicans were walking away from an agreement. It was brilliant political theater that was about to degenerate into farce.

      – Skipping protocol, the president turned to McCain to offer him a chance to respond: “I think it’s fair that I give you the chance to speak next.”
      But McCain demurred. “I’ll wait my turn,” he said. It was an incredible moment, in every sense. This was supposed to be McCain’s meeting—he’d called it, not the president, who had simply accommodated the Republican candidate’s wishes. Now it looked as if McCain had no plan at all—his idea had been to suspend his campaign and summon us all to this meeting. It was not a strategy, it was a political gambit, and the Democrats had matched it with one of their own.

      – Finally, raising his voice over the din, Obama said loudly, “I’d like to hear what Senator McCain has to say, since we haven’t heard from him yet.”
      The room went silent and all eyes shifted to McCain, who sat quietly in his chair, holding a single note card. He glanced at it quickly and proceeded to make a few general points.

      – As he spoke, I could see Obama chuckling. McCain’s comments were anticlimactic, to say the least. His return to Washington was impulsive and risky, and I don’t think he had a plan in mind. If anything, his gambit only came back to hurt him, as he was pilloried in the press afterward, and in the end, I don’t believe his maneuver significantly influenced the TARP legislative process

      – But when it came right down to it, he had little to say in the forum he himself had called.

      – Barney Frank started to loudly bait McCain, who sat stony-faced.
      “What’s the Republican proposal?” he pressed. “What’s the Republican plan?”
      It got so ridiculous that Vice President Cheney started laughing. Frankly, I’d never seen anything like it before in politics or business or in my fraternity days at Dartmouth, for that matter.

      According to Henry Paulson’s memoir, John McCain suspended his campaign so that he can grand-stand to the public by taking advantage of the financial crisis. By doing so, he was jeopardising the TARP deal. Instead of being misled by Paulson and Bernake, it seems that he tried to mislead the public by pretending that he was a key architect of this TARP deal and then took full credit of it.

    European Envoy Seeks Cease-Fire as Peace Talks Fail to End ‘Cleavage Wars’

      Rule 5 Sunday is totally Swiss on the Cleavage Wars, but this is Stacy’s blog, so what the heck?

    • nicholas:

      That Belvedere guy is pretty serious, Stace. He’s laying down the law over there.

    • nicholas:

      Of course, he has the unfortunate habit of wishing to remind us of the names of the various models. Okay, we get it. Toni Ann Thomas. Toni Ann Thomas!

      And Melba Ogle? Don’t let the name fool you.

      Also that Karla Conway looks like good company.

    • Bob Belvedere:

      We’re well beyond Raquel ‘Panzar’ Welch at this point. Typical U.N. Kumbaya types: a day late and a boob short.

      Irish Cicero and I have done our best to prevent the carnage, but no one who has sense will make peace with these Silicone Saracens. I got my US Grant on and I’m jazzed like Stonewall and Sherman. Marcus Irishicus Cicero is spitting panther blood and oozing pure Roman Legion vibes [yea, I really do have to stop reading James Ellroy].

      Tell this peacenik chick Mzzz. Bellucci that she’s welcome to visit our Camp, but I cannot guarantee her safety, or that she won’t be reweaponized.

      Regarding the Elaine Reynolds Bunker Buster, I just want to say: Reynolds… you magnificent bastard, I read your boob!

      Join the Forces of Light and Right! Thirty years from now, when you’re sitting around your fireside with your grandson on your knee and he asks you, ‘What did you do in the great War Of The Cleavage,’ you won’t have to say, ‘Well… I inserted breast implants in Louisiana.’

      Viva le sein naturel!

      God, how I hate the twenty-first century.

    • theCL:

      Once the Hathaway nukes were dropped, it was over. Any fighting that continued was in vain. We packed our bags and went home. No blog-building, but happy to trade links with all!

    • Irish Cicero:

      Next stop:


    • Doug Hagin:

      I launched this war;’s first strike, now, I unleash the only weapon that can end it.

      Gentlemen, OPeration Phoebe Cates is Out of the Pool has comenced!

    • Russ:

      And once-a-goddamn-gain I get no respect. I’m not saying I won this thing, or even played a significant role, but come on…what the hell is that all about.

      Cherl Cole is the name of my cannon Stacey. First you blow me off in Boston for whiskey shots and now this? What did I do to deserve such mistreatment.

      I’m goin’ drinkin’.

    • Russ:

      Apology accepted Sir. But you’re still on the hook for a shot of whiskey, on me, at the next grand gathering.

      Rebel Yell, in honor of the Reb.

    • Bob Belvedere:

      I had no choice Stacy: I had to use the Janet Lupo Thermonuclear Device.

    • datechguy:

      Let the record show that the non-cleveage enhanced anti-rule 5 post featuring a fully dressed Little Miss Attila post has managed to outdraw my next post popular post by a factor of 3.

      I’ll put it up against any post in the cleavage wars and win!

    • Russ:

      Who the hell is “Da Tech Guy”?

    • The Daley Gator is an instigator.
    • The Classic Liberal is an participant.
    • That’s Right, whom I managed not to link last Sunday (sorry) is there.
    • General Bob Belvedere forges ahead.
    • WyBlog rounds out the list of suspects.

    Relax, Mr. President, and Have a Smoke

    • Live Free Or Die:

      And moderate your alcohol intake Mr. President.

    • richard mcenroe:

      Hey, nicotine helps burn off the calories in all that beer he’s drinking…

    Carly Simon Still Teasing Us

    • nicholas:

      Strangely enough, after making the post that must now forever tie my name to shame, I had the uneasy feeling that I was still being played.

      Serves me right.

    • nicholas:

      Hey Stace, since you have publicly disgraced me before your teaming thousands of readers, how about getting a some karma back by throwing a little linky love this girls way.

      April Gavaza can flat out write (and she’s a Rule Five qualifier to boot).

    2012 and Other Distractions

    • Sue Massey:

      I must say this is a great article i enjoyed reading it keep the good work 🙂

    • Joe Marier:

      1 and 2 are out of our hands now, Stacy. I was all about focusing on 2010 IN 2009, but not when elections are a mere 8 months away.

      3 will have to wait…

    • Joe Marier:

      Also, I might as well point out that you’re the one that said that people who don’t think Palin’s the one better have a decent alternative. Mitch is one of those alternatives. All of a sudden, you want to shut down the conversation?

    • nicholas:

      Did a little research of my own. Turns out Melba made her living as a meatcutter and fashion model. An unusual combination to be sure, but hey, it was the sixties!

    • Ran / Si Vis Pacem:

      Heh! Funny. Linked.

      : ]

    • 73wire picked it up.

    CNN’s Cooper to Replace Couric?

    • chuck cross:

      oooh, zing!

    • theCL:

      I’ve got no use for Anderson’s politics, but I give him credit for helping that kid in Haiti.

    • Dave C:

      I’m still waiting for Fox to start their network news program on their main network with Megyn Kelly.

      Then we’ll see who will win in the ratings.

    • just a conservative girl:

      I know Anderson Cooper. He is a good guy, even if you don’t agree with him politically.

    • dr kill:

      If manliness is what CBS wants, they should try Rachel Maddow.

      That’s gonna leave a tea-stain.

    • Joe:

      just a conservative girl
      March 2nd, 2010 @ 12 39
      I know Anderson Cooper. He is a good guy, even if you don’t agree with him politically.

      Yeah, he is a guy who likes to go shopping, enjoys Project Runway, and just being a pal to the girls.

      Oh yeah, he giggles when he calls conservatives “teabaggers.” It is an inside joke.

    Scientific Study Confirms: Instapundit Should Link Here More Often

    • Clavius:

      So how many links does an Instalanch bring, anyway?

    • Dave C:

      A lot.. I had someone who linked me get an insty lanche.. Even being one degree away, I received a fair amount of hits..

      And here I was thinking I would have received one for this too:

    • Little Green Footballs:

      A new parody site –

      “I, for one, will not fall for it. Even if there is a country known as “Greece,” it is doubtful that it will run out of money, as the government can always make more like we do here. . . . . “

    • KingShamus:

      He doesn’t link to me either.

      Then again, maybe I should ask.

    • Oxbay:

      Yes, but it was a link from Instapundit that introduced your blog to me lo those many months ago. His links have lasting value.

    • Political Byline linked it.
    • The Classic Liberal gave it a nod.
    • Da Tech Guy proffered a URL.

    Getting Re-Tweeted by Alyssa Milano May Have Gone to Mickey Kaus’s Head

    • proof:

      Maybe we should urge Alyssa to run against Boxer?
      I’d tune into that debate, her going head to head with Boxer, as it were!

    • Mike:

      I can’t wait for the day Mickey takes his signatures to the Registrar’s office. And the headline will be “Kaus Files”

    • Joe:

      Maybe Mickey could comment on his favorite excitable blogger Andrew Sullivan. One of Sully’s former sock puppets wrote this today:

      Fox News “Realism”
      02 Mar 2010 10:22 am
      by Alex Massie

      Roger Ailes redefines realism:

      I see myself between the Hudson River and the Sierra Madres. I do not see myself at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel or Le Cirque here in New York. Those are people who aspire to different things. They’re the chattering class. They’re the people who think Ahmadinejad wants to have a chat with us and that we haven’t been reaching out to him enough. No, actually, Ahmadinejad wants to cut our heads off and blow us up with nuclear weapons. He’s made that clear. There is something about those people that makes them think, “Oh, he’s just kidding.” No, he’s not kidding. He wants to kill us.

      I tend to be a realist about things.

      Emphasis added. The Iranian regime is many things, most of them severely unpleasant, but it hardly poses an existential threat to the United States. The principal beneficiaries of any pretense that it does are actually Ahmadinejad and his cronies who are flattered by a frothing silliness that is almost hysterically unrealistic.

      Permalink :: TrackBacks (0) :: Share This

      Now I recall Andrew Sullivan writing this about Ahmadinejad:

      Hitch vs Cole
      03 May 2006 03:03 pm

      A major online fight has broken out. I am a good and old friend of one of those involved, so my bias is clear. I should say one thing in Cole’s favor, taking him at his word. I was not aware – and maybe Hitch wasn’t either (I haven’t consulted him today) – that the email quoted was for a strictly private list. I didn’t quote it myself, but I linked. I’m a strong believer in the principle of online privacy, if at all possible, and regret unknowingly violating that rule, and apologize for that inadvertence. Cole, however, trashes whatever high ground he might have sought by accusing Hitch of writing the piece drunk, or, worse, having it ghost-written. By pure coincidence, I was at Hitch’s yesterday as he filed the piece. He was stone-cold sober. And on top form. It is Cole who owes Hitch an apology. Hitch stuck to the issues; Cole got personal.

      Moreover, reading Hitch’s piece and Cole’s and a neutral translation of Ahmadinejad’s disputed speech, I cannot help but believe that Cole, as he concedes, got his first take wrong, and then deliberately misled readers in his second version.

      There are two matters at issue. The first is the technical question of what “wiping Israel off the map” means. It could mean a bombing, nuking or military invasion; it could mean its simple ceasing to exist, through some kind of violent uprising among Palestinians. But it is hard to see how Israel could be “wiped off the map” without some form of violence against it. Ahmadinejad’s adherence to that part of Islam that foresees the Apocalypse soon destroying Jewish control of Israel does not portend to me some kind of democratic voting process whereby Palestinian Israelis gradually vote the Jewish state out of existence. But even if it did, does any sane person honestly believe that the Jews who then lived under Ahmadinejad’s proposed Islamic theocracy in Palestine would not be murdered or expelled or annihilated? Please. We all know what Ahmadinejad thinks of Jews. He tells us often enough. Later on in the speech, Ahmadinejad menacingly says:

      The issue of Palestine is not over at all. It will be over the day a Palestinian government, which belongs to the Palestinian people, comes to power; the day that all refugees return to their homes; a democratic government elected by the people comes to power. Of course those who have come from far away to plunder this land have no right to choose for this nation.
      I hope the Palestinian people will remain alert and aware in the same way that they have continued their struggle in the past ten years.
      If we get through this brief period successfully, the path of eliminating the occupying regime will be easy and down-hill. [My italics thoughout.]

      What does “brief period” mean? And what does “eliminate” mean? It could mean ending the fifty years of Israel’s existence; it could mean the short period of time before the Apocalypse; but I’d say the most plausible explanation is that it refers to the “brief period” before which Iran gets a nuclear bomb. Whatever it means, Ahmadinejad’s desire to end Israel’s existence and establish Islamist rule in Palestine cannot mean anything but the annihilation of the Jews therein. Coles’ semantic point seems to me to crumble upon inspection.

      Then there’s the question of the disputed passage. Here is the New York Time’s full translation of the Ahmadinejad speech. The critical passages are rendered as follows:

      The establishment of the occupying regime of Qods [Jerusalem] was a major move by the world oppressor [the United States] against the Islamic world. The situation has changed in this historical struggle. Sometimes the Muslims have won and moved forward and the world oppressor was forced to withdraw …
      Our dear Imam said that the occupying regime must be wiped off the map and this was a very wise statement. We cannot compromise over the issue of Palestine. Is it possible to create a new front in the heart of an old front. This would be a defeat and whoever accepts the legitimacy of this regime [Israel] has in fact, signed the defeat of the Islamic world. Our dear Imam targeted the heart of the world oppressor in his struggle, meaning the occupying regime. I have no doubt that the new wave that has started in Palestine, and we witness it in the Islamic world too, will eliminate this disgraceful stain from the Islamic world.

      Cole’s translation is as follows:

      “The Imam said that this regime occupying Jerusalem (een rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods) must [vanish from] from the page of time (bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shavad).” Ahmadinejad was not making a threat, he was quoting a saying of Khomeini and urging that pro-Palestinian activists in Iran not give up hope – that the occupation of Jerusalem was no more a continued inevitability than had been the hegemony of the Shah’s government.

      It seems to me that Cole is trying to imply that Ahmadinejad is referring solely to the occupation of Jerusalem, and making a metaphysical or metaphorical point rather than an empirical one. But the full text proves definitively otherwise. Ahmadinejad is clearly referring to the “occupation” of the entire land of Israel, not just the West Bank, Gaza or parts or the whole of Jerusalem. He sees it as stretching back 50 years (before Israel controlled all of Jerusalem). He utterly rejects the withdrawal from Gaza or the West Bank as sufficient. And he wants the country wiped off the map – and even erased from the historical record. Cole’s rhetorical sleight of hand strikes me as deliberate deception, an attempt to deny the existence of a real genocidal evil in the world that Cole himself knows exists. Why? You decide. But Cole has exposed himself more brutally than Hitch ever could.

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    • Joe:

      Sorry to put such a long post above, but Mickey is pretty good at spotting “excitability” and inconsistency in a certain British expat blogger.

      I suppose Sully’s abandonment of Israel is to be blamed on Bush too. That and an adoption of the general anti-semitism so fashionable in the British public school system.

    • Outside the Beltway liked it.
    • Da Tech Guy found it linkable.

    Haley Barbour, Newt Gingrich, Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, Tim Pawlenty, Mike Pence, Rick Santorum . . .

    • Miss Sharon:

      Are you going?

    • Miss Sharon:

      Whoops! Missed that after the Hannity link…will hit the tip jar prior to the trip! (Although, I myself, did not enjoy NOLA, I know you will.)

    Dennis Prager, Charles Johnson and Understanding the Left’s Smear Tactics

    • Charles Johnson:

      I may try to work some sense into Prager’s head. He might be a wingnut worth salvaging. You on the other hand McCain are just a pudding promoter.

    • kansas:

      You really set Johnson and the ass kissers off with this and the American Spectator article. They’re in full bow wow mode over there right now.

    • victoria_29:

      Had difficulty with posting a rational comment due to laughing so hard. Good job…I have to admit that I enjoyed the comment “pudding promoter” not sure what that is but I got a visual of y’all rolling around in a ring of pudding.

    • Grimcargo:

      Chucky is just like a little fat baby whose mother can’t stand him. To get attention ANY ATTENTION is worth it. Hit me again MOMA!!!
      Description is simple,hysterical,frantic and cowardly.

    • MrPaulRevere:

      Johnson is one audacious SOB, I’ll give him that: “Robert Stacy McCain…who has made it his life’s work to smear me at every opportunity…”. Projection and victimhood all wrapped up in one sentence. Charles Johnson a victim in this whole dust-up? Yeah, right.

    • MrPaulRevere:

      It would seem the vaunted ‘lizard army’ couldn’t care less about Johnson’s obsessions Mr.McCain, that thread has only 128 comments, and by comment #65 they were talking about TV shows, Serbs, and lobsters. Heh.

    • dicentra:

      I ran across the term “Charles Johnson’s fiancee” the other day.

      Is he really engaged? Because A Woman In The Picture would explain it all.

    • Charles Johnson:

      This is the neo-Confederate member of the League of the South, by the way, who has made it his life’s work to smear me at every opportunity, posting at least 100 (!) entries at his website in retaliation for exposing his many racist statements and connections to neo-Nazis and white supremacists. He’s started a little cottage industry dedicated to calling me… insane. And while I may have no real evidence that McCain is in fact a Nazi or racist, because I say so makes it so. At least Sharmuta and Kilgore Trout think so. And McCain confirmed his racism and Nazism when he defended Geller. That clinched it, McCain was obviously evil. When Geller rejected me I never forgave her. If anyone takes her side, I attack them. The rules of war are suspended.

      Insults he has thrown at me include:

      “Mad King Charles”
      “Johnsonoid insanity”
      “A fat, bloated beady eyed jerkoff”
      “The Right-o-Sphere can never, ever again question the sanity of Charles Johnson or Andrew Sullivan.”
      “Charles Johnson is a sociopath.”
      “Pudding Pal”
      “Sphincher Face”
      “Sharmuta’s little wench”
      “Preparation Charles”
      “Bike Bitch”
      “Stay Golden Pony Boy”

      … and on and on and on. McCain has also accused people who argue against his smear campaign of “sucking Charles Johnson’s c*ck.” Well I hope you choke. Vienna sausages can be deadly.

      Hypocrisy — it’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at McCain’s Hate Hole. He can join the rest of the traitors.

    • harkin:

      Boy – The NYTimes was right.

      C Johnson is one lying, delusional ever-watching hate-monger.

    • Charles Johnson:

      They also call me Charles In Charge, Sir Ban-A-Lot, and Lady Gaga on a bike.

    • Charles Johnson:

      Did I mention Chucky?

    • Little Miss Attila condescends to link.
    • The Camp of the Saints is there for us.
    • The Classic Liberal has our back.
    • The Daley Gator is on the team.
    • Nova Town Hall honors us.
    • Dustbury offers linkage.

    Is ‘Whore’ Too Strong a Word for Arianna Stassinopoulos Huffington?

    • Thrasymachus:

      Good Lord, to refer to Arianna Huffington as a whore is a grotesque insult to whores everywhere, who are generally honest, hardworking women only supplying a needed service. You don’t normally find somebody as evil as her outside of a James Bond movie.

    • BlogDog:

      Oh good lord. Driving her husband to homosexuality wasn’t enough?

    • Rich Fader:

      Whores have some professional standards.

    • Rose:

      No, it is not too strong a word.

    • Sissy Willis:

      Girls just wanna have fun. Thanks for the link!

    • Live Free Or Die:

      She’s more like the Glenn Close character in ‘Dangerous Liasons’.”I’ve succeeded because I’ve always known I was born to dominate your sex, and avenge my own.”–Marquise de Merteuil/
      Arrianna Huffington.

      Arrianna, Soros, and John(not The Other)McCain;get out your crucifixes,holy water, and wooden stakes!

    Unemployed? Either Get Used to It — or Get Smart and Get Going!

    • Tony Orlando:

      You know, I have to tell you, I really enjoy this blog and the insight from everyone who participates. I find it to be refreshing and very informative. I wish there were more blogs like it. Anyway, I felt it was about time I posted, I?ve spent most of my time here just lurking and reading, but today for some reason I just felt compelled to say this.

    • Bill:

      I love Megan – but she’s high. There’s a ton of programmer jobs – I interview people daily and the market is insanely competitive. The pool of applicants is really poor (we’d expect the recession to have changed that but there’s plenty of jobs for people with skills).

      C++ is one of the harder languages you can program in BTW – you can fake your way through a lot of stuff – C++ – good luck. There was never a time you could grab a C++ manual and get hired – the DotCom days were close but even then it’s an overstatement. And if I’m wrong and there’s a whole pool of talented devs out there who can’t find work – my email is listed above – holla

    • Tony Orlando:

      Hi there,

      I looked over your blog and it looks really good. Do you ever do link exchanges on your blog roll? If you do, I’d like to exchange links with you.

      Let me know if you’re interested.


    • Tony Orlando:

      Hello. I was reading someone elses blog and saw you on their blogroll. Would you be interested in exchanging blog roll links? If so, feel free to email me.


    • Bob Belvedere:

      TONY Also Said: Knock three times on the spammer, if you want me.

    • richard mcenroe:

      It’s Tony Orlando, the dawn of a new age in blogging!

      I know what I’m doing about my employment situation. I’m starting my own business this week. I doubt I’ll incorporate in CA,not being stupid, but it’s time to get going on doing something I love and am good at rather than just something I gotta.

    • Roxeanne de Luca:

      On the unemployment = opportunity subject, what amazes me is how many people shun volunteering in the field of your choice while you job-hunt. Aside from the warm fuzzies that it generates, it’s a great way to gain experience and network.

      One of my friends, who lost her job in HR, has spent the last year becoming a notary public, taking classes, and volunteering while looking for a job. Her resume looks more impressive than it did when she started her unemployment.

      It’s not a perfect solution, and pretty much only works if you are young, living with your parents, and/or collecting unemployment, but it’s better than wallowing in misery.

    • Roxeanne de Luca:

      richard mcenroe: Free advice, so take it for what it’s worth: unless you are going to carry E&O insurance (which can be very expensive), become a LLC. That avoids the double-taxation issue with small businesses but will provide you with some measure of protection in the event of a lawsuit.

      Furthermore, it’s a disincentive to a lawsuit in of itself; even being victorious in a lawsuit doesn’t mean much if you spend tens of thousands of dollars and a year of your life to get there.

      Do not ask me how I know this. (Or do ask me; I saw the issue with a small mom & pop business in your state a few years ago.)

    • Paul A’Barge:

      “Programmer jobs that once demanded anyone with a pulse and a C++ manual now require that you also have at least three years of experience designing websites for a fast food multinational, speak fluent Tajik, and be proficient in hacky sack.”

      This glib shit isn’t cutting it, man.

      Note that neither speaking fluent Tajik nor being proficient in hacky sack have anything to do with C++ programming.

      In other words, people are still hiring C++ programmers. However, those people hiring are fewer and farther between and it’s a feast day for those who are hiring. And those who are hiring are not not missing an opportunity to feed like vultures off their new found opportunity to pick their hires based on criteria that have nothing to do with the skills necessary to do the job for which hiring is taking place.

      In other words, this is not a transition in job description. This is not someone out of work because the work place no longer uses the skills of the unemployed (think of the guy who used to weld auto frames that are now welded by machines).

      This is just simply a very deep unemployment curve in which employers are making huge cutbacks, deferments and postponements in investment in their IT infrastructure because the economy, the government and Obama suck.

      Let’s get real about this, ok? This crap isn’t happening to just people with a pulse and a C++ manual. This crap is happening to people with a pulse and a brain and a long resume in a broad set of IT skills competing in a market place that has suddenly increased by a factor of 100.

    • The Javelineer:

      McCardle supported the bailouts, because “fiance is weird.” whatever. I disagree with McArdle’s article and this RSM post.

      The government issues more H-1B non-immigrant visas than unemployed citizen techies! By simply terminating these visas, we’d have full employment in the tech sector.

      The National Science Foundation has intentionally and successfully depressed science, technical, engineering, and technical worker wages. The NSF knew, predicted even, that the lower wages would reduce enrollment and interest in science and technology among citizens. It was done on purpose – to lower R&D costs for big business and government.

      Despite desperate unemployment rates, the government has issued over 1.5 million green cards in the last 18 months.

      The government uses the tax system to force US workers to subsidize their labor competition. For example, GM used the TARP money to build factories in China and Brazil.

      The government enforces strict anti-dumping laws against foreign state subsidized products, but the government encourages labor competition trained in state-subsidized schools and polytechnics.

      The US government hates citizen workers. It has intentionally tanked the labor market to benefit large corporate interests.

      Crony capitalism, really crypto-fascism, is capitalism for the middle class and socialism for big business. The main opponent of this creeping fascism has been the middle class which believes in individual liberty and individual productivity. To break the political power of the middle class, to nationalize almost everything under captured “independent agencies,” the crony capitalists seek to bankrupt, disrupt and neutralize middle class peoples.

      The bailouts changed the way the American people view government. The great middle class knows that big businesses steal from the middle class and use the loot to depress middle class wages. It’s an intentionally viscous circle. Everyone knows it, now. And it’s not going to go on much longer.

      Mark this well. Choose your side carefully. There will be a terrible, immense backlash. Bank on it.

    MSM Promoting Parasite Annabel Park

    • Mark Reardon:

      There should be a term for these folks who burst on the scens with no grasp of the power of the internets to uncover them. I suggest “Teabagees”.

    • The Lonely Conservative takes notice.
    • The Camp of the Saints gives it a link.
    • Paco had a suggestion:

      I realize that “kopi-luwackies” is rather too many syllables, and not particularly melodious; on the other hand, it’s less vulgar than “civet turds”. I invite readers to submit their own appropriately scornful epithets.

    Fake Hate Update: ‘Minority’ Student Confesses to UCSD Noose Hoax

    • datechguy:

      This type of thing has become so common that one doesn’t expect it to be real anymore

    • Tom Maguire:

      I am betting the “minority” student was Asian which is awkward but in a different way.

    • chuck cross:

      Just like that kid that wrote all sorts of screed over a Democratic office in, I believe it was, Denver Colorado.

      Need to reinforce your “protected class” status? Make some crap up.

    • Roxeanne de Luca:

      DTG beat me to it. The apologies and retractions follow the so-called incident as night follows day.

    • Roxeanne de Luca:

      Or as reliably as snow storms follow Al Gore’s AGW speeches, I should say.

    • Montana:

      (1) UCSD: A group of dumb white frat guys hold an event called a “Compton Cookout.” This pisses people off as it used Black History Month as a reason to mock black people with racist stereotypes. Also involved is some idiot who tries to use this opportunity for shameless self-promotion, who also happens to be black. To say the least, the guy is basically a wannabe Flavor Flav.

      (2) UCSD: Another dumb white frat guy gets mad that blacks are offended of being relegated to a bigoted stereotype. He tries to hold another racist event.

      (3) UCSD: Meanwhile, a terrible student media publication (which, after viewing their website consists of all white staff, nudity, staff wrestling each other, and well, not much else), pushes their limits calling black students “ungrateful n——” – not just that word, but also that apparently the black students owed them something. They have a reputation of being trashy, and at this point, administration and faculty rush to condemn racism by students of the campus and various protests begin. Funding is also cut from all student media at UCSD, creating an extra bitter controversy.

      (4) UCSD: On Friday of that week, a noose is found in the library. Everything gets worked in a frenzy and – something I’ll address later – a large amount of white commenter’s on the internet begin claiming that is was probably a black student who planted it in order to gain more sympathy. In addition, there are rumors of a threatening note sent to the Guardian and a second noose, there was no second noose, and the threat seems to be just a rumor.

      (6) UCSD: Protests basically happen at all schools in support of the students. There are various sit-ins, and teach-ins, and what have you. School administrators become pushed to be more active in fixing what’s going on.

      I have not seen this noose person, but most of you blame her and conveniently forget wear this all originated.

      Instead of an apology there has been steady escalation and now the noose. So, what exactly will the excuses be for this cowardly act that brings up memories of the confederate KKK of the South in their attempts to keep slavery and the non-whites in fear? Is it that are uneducated, is it that their parents planted these seeds of hate, is it that they are live in fear because our President in the white house is not 100% white. In my opinion this is what the republican party of “birthers, baggers and blowhards” have brought you. These kids follow what their dullard leaders say, they listen to Beck, Hedgecock, Hannity, O’Reilly, Rush and Savage and the rest of the Blowhards, they are young and dumb. Are you surprise at what they do when you know what they think?

    • RES:

      Ordinarily, the number (5) follows (4) and precedes (6). You recall which one (5) is – it’s the last one you count before switching to the other hand.

      N.B., in any post calling other people “dumb” it is a good idea to spell “where” (as in: “most of you blame her and conveniently forget wear this all originated”) correctly. Just sayin’, IYKWIMAITYD.

    Coffee Party: Yeah, We Can Backronym The Beaners

    • ccoffer:

      That would be a profound insult to genuine beaners.

    • Jeff Weimer:



    • Jeff Weimer:


      (okay, I’m stretching a bit there)


      (there, that’s a bit better)

    • Little Miss Attila:

      Hey; I’m from the Southwest. Go easy on that racial stuff. I mean, *I* know you’re addicted to puns, but not everyone does.

    • Mike:

      Virginia Right has a great offering.

    • Paco:

      I’ve invited readers to come up with a suitably disparaging name for coffee partiers.

    • ccoffer:

      I think testicle-suckers would be a better term to use for the Coffee people. Maybe even the Richard Lickers Society, but not beaners.

      But hey, that’s just me.

    • ccoffer:

      By the way:
      “Hey; I’m from the Southwest.”

      Sofa King What? Everybody is from somewhere.


    • RickS:

      I say stick with the tried and true: coffeebaggers.

    • RickS:

      Yeah, “beaner” is a derogatory word for Mexican, so if we use that they’ll call us racists. Oh wait…they’re already doing that.

    • Clueless:

      I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just not racist and/or bigoted enough: Folks are always referring to epithets or slanderous nicknames for various groups of people that I’ve never heard of, and I sit here scratching my head wondering what they are talking about. Maybe if I were more bigoted I would know these names, and could avoid them, I’m probably offending people all the time and not knowing it. Case in point – the remarks above seem to be implying that “beaner” is already being used to refer slanderously to some group of people. Never heard of it, can someone please clue me in, I can’t be the only one. Maybe there’s a class I can take somewhere “Bigotry 101 for non-bigots”? (Not that I am implying that any of you folks are bigots because you DO know what these terms mean, you just get out more than I do!)

    • Clueless:

      OK, I see someone has pre-answered my question as to what beaner means (in a derogatory sense). I still don’t get it. What, is the implication that Mexicans eat a lot of beans or something? If I’m going to be an Evil Racist Conservative Republican, I really need more practice at this sort of thing.

    • Roxeanne de Luca:

      Yum…. hot chocolate.

    • Live Free Or Die:

      May I suggest that the ‘CoffeePartyers’ are

    • ThomasD:

      Cofee Beaners is ok, since they were all hand picked Juan Valdez Axelrod.

      But there is always Chocked Full O’ Nuts…

    • Da Tech Guy picked it up.
    • The Camp of the Saints says hello.

    How Doomed Is Charlie Crist?

    • AngelaTC:

      My husband knew Charlie before he held any political office – they were drinking acquaintances in a St Pete watering hole. (Not really buddies: same bar, different friends.) He can vouch that even back then, there were gay rumors about Charlie.

    How SPLC Hypes the Hate

    • theCL:

      I’d bet there’s more kooks on the left. But what do I know, I’m not part of the MSM?

      I think I’m going to start a militia … Very Scary.

    • jane:

      I picked up that they were doing that with all the groups they list. They may have a couple of chapters in one city and they count them as separate groups to pad their figures.

    • Steve:

      “an astonishing 363 new Patriot groups appeared”

      Yes? And that’s supposed to be a BAD thing? Aren’t “Patriots” the good guys?

      It’s a good thing nobody told the $PLC about the New England Patriots.

    • Chris W:

      Funny, no mention of enviro-nazis like Green Peace, ELF, ALF and Earth First! or radicals like or CODEPINK.

    • K:

      Same ol same ol. Every time there’s a conservative upsurge the SPLC find assault weapon toting rednecks hiding under it’s bed. Expect the media echo chamber to crank up the message machine.

    • Oxbay:

      There was a story, in The New Yorker if memory serves, about the lavish headquarters of the SPLC in Alabama and the good life of Morris Dees. The story ran about 10 or 11 years ago. They have to keep the Hate high to keep the donations pouring in.

    • Grimcargo:

      There you have it. All the insane brainless liberals die and go to splc.

    • Michael:

      The Constitution Party?

    • DavidL:

      Morris Dees the Al Gore of hate speech.

    • jefferson101:

      Overall, well put. But cripes, Smitty! Did you have to take a couple of slugs from Dees’ KoolAid jug before you swore off?

      “…wannabe terrorists — short-wave wackos building pipe-bombs or stockpiling AK-47 ammo in their garages —….”

      How much ammo is one allowed to have in hand for an AK before it makes one a short-wave wacko or a wannabe terrorist?

      Does owning the AK in the first place qualify one? And how much ammo does it take to be considered a “stockpile”? 50 rounds? 500 rounds?

      Morris would be proud to know that owning a semi-automatic rifle now ranks up there with building pipe bombs!

    • molonlabe28:

      Where is the SLPC’s concern about Muslim violence?

      What about the Ft. Hood shooting, the plot to blow up the NY subways, the LAX El Al Arab slaying of Jews, etc.?

      Morris Dees has always been a self-annointed windbag.

    • Tom Hilton:

      Gosh, it almost sounds like you have some kind of grudge against the SPLC…I wonder why that would be…

    • Hack:

      Great piece Robert. Whether they want to believe it or not, they are the minority in this country and no bogus report they release will change that.

    • ConantheCimmerian:

      How much ammo is one allowed to have in hand for an AK before it makes one a short-wave wacko or a wannabe terrorist?

      Does owning the AK in the first place qualify one? And how much ammo does it take to be considered a “stockpile”? 50 rounds? 500 rounds?

      Let me field this question for you Stacy.
      jefferson, the answer to the amount of rounds is 1,000,000.

      Of course, the only groups that haave that many rounds stocked are governments. Hmmmmmm….

    • Live Free Or Die:

      SPLC fund raising letter to Guilt-ridden White Liberals: All your monies belongz to us,or else you’re Raaaaacist!

    • Steve:

      From the $PLC website-

      “Patriot groups define themselves as opposed to the “New World Order,” engage in groundless conspiracy theorizing, or advocate or adhere to extreme antigovernment doctrines. Listing here does not imply that the groups themselves advocate or engage in violence or other criminal activities, or are racist.”

      Well, it’s a good thing that somebody is keeping an eye on those “extreme antigovernment” people who oppose the New World Order! That seems to cover at least a third of the people in America.

    • tjbbpgobIII:

      If any of the so called “right wing hate groups” were as violent and full of hatred as some of those leftest groups are, I believe the SPLC would have been closed down by now.

    • Ymarsakar:

      SPLC has had quite a history doing this.

      There have been notable groups, like Weather Underground or other such violent and terrorist homegrown organizations, but the SPLC never seems to put much light on them. Interesting, no.

    • The Lonely Conservative brings the linkage.
    • Noisyroom included it.
    • This Ain’t Hell gave it an anchor tag.
    • Bitsblog rogered up.
    • National Policy Institute gave it attention.
    • The Beltway Outsider checks in.
    • Nation of Cowards showed the courage to link.
    • Piece of Work in Progress:

      The upshot of this douchebaggery is that you’ve got idiots like Dylan Ratigan speckling the inside of your television screen with spittle-hurling rants.

    If Rangel Indeed Departs…

    • Bill Anderson:

      Aye! And that R30 was great!

      For that matter, the Red Barchetta…certainly some kind of libertarian statment.

    • chuck cross:


    • richard mcenroe:

      He ain’t going anywhere. He’s just scurrying back under the sink ’til the light goes off.

    • Live Free Or Die:

      Before dancing on Charlie’s grave, someone needs to put a wooden stake through his heart to make sure he stays in the coffin.

    • smitty:

      Tut, tut: this blog doesn’t wish harm upon anyone, even in jest.
      I want all of these creeps to die very old and certain in the knowledge that their ideas were utterly false.

    Rick Perry Beats Kay Bailey Hutchison

    • proof:

      Sounds like good news for Texans!

    • chuck cross:

      I just can’t get too excited about the Apache Chief, but he’s far better than Kay Bailout Hutchinson.

      I would have moved to Texas if Medina would have won.

    • pH:

      “I would have moved to Texas if Medina would have won.”

      Then, thank God you aren’t here already. The last thing Texas needs replacing its wildly-successful, conservative-minded governor (the only bad things people can ever say about him are now-defunct TTC and “toll roads sux”) with a fringe-friendly, lunatic obamacon type who, like obama, thinks so highly of herself that she claimed she would immediately and single-handedly rehabilitate the state fiscal structure to completely eliminate property taxes while not introducing income tax or more-than-marginal increases in sales tax.

      Pair this with her desperate misunderstanding of “fairness” as only pertaining to what is most politically expedient for her personal goals and her maladroitly articulated support of ambiguous “questioning” of the gov’t re: 9/11, and you’ve got the right-wing equivalent of a maniacally self-obsessed nutroot. A right-wing Kucinich Texas does not need.

    • The Classic Liberal is a fan.

    Obama Still Trying to ‘Do a Chicago’ in Push for Health-Care Bill (UPDATED)

    Oh, Great: Senate Plans to Entrust U.S. Financial System to Federal Reserve?

    • molonlabe28:

      I enthusiastically voted for Corker in 2006, but now I view him as nothing more than a TARP-supporting bailout monkey.

      He is a real disappointment.

      Not as bad as Lamar Alexander, but still lousy.

    • chuck cross:

      I’m convinced Bob Corker and Steven Schwartzman were separated at birth.

      Bring back tally sticks!

    • Live Free Or Die:

      I thought Chris Dodd was dead!(Could’ve been a dream)
      By-n-by, Ol’Brer Fed gets what he wants; to guard the Chicken coop.

    • The Javelineer:

      Please, support Ron Paul’s “Audit the Fed” bill. It passed the House and is now gathering co-sponsors in the Senate.

      The bill will remove the blanket restrictions on GAO audits of the Federal Reserve.

      Contact your senator. Support open government.

    • Drops in the River linked it.
    • The Classic Liberal gave it the nod.

    Rule 5 in the News: New Jersey Prudes Call Cops on Nude Snow Sculpture

    • William:

      You can clearly see where her NIPS and Vajayjay would go! Scandalous!

      …plus she’s posing next to that innocent snow statue.

    • Dave C:

      Fake.. She’s using snowballs as implants.

    • Joe:

      Had they given it a snow penis they could have defended it on diversity grounds.

      Nice folks, well done snow sculpture, historical classical reference, they should have told the cop no, but they were too polite.

      Hey wait a second? They were nice and polite in New Jersey?

    • Bob Belvedere:

      I claim the weaponized snow for my side in The War Of The Cleavage!

    • Little Miss Attila:

      Point taken, though I’m not POSITIVE I’d compare the Venus de Milo with Pamela Anderson.

    • Andrew Sansone:

      Can you say RIDICULOUS?! I had this on my show today

    • Snark and Boobs titivated us.
    • Seasons of Tumult and Discord thought it worthy.
    • The Daley Gator gave it attention.
    • Right Wing News linked.

    ‘Tremble in Fear!!!!’

    • Charles Johnson:

      We (in the royal sense of the word) have been chastising some of our lizard children for mocking Islam. Mocking Islam is no longer never been appropriate (we have always been at war with Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, and Oceania). We need to show how enlightened we are in not mocking that particular desert faith, while at the same time showing contempt for Christianity every chance we get (other than the liberation type which we approve of).

      And we find RSM’s mocking of us childish.

    GOP House Press Conference

    • Bob Belvedere:

      Holy ‘spoloded head, Batman: does anything BHO says ever mean anything?

      Short Answer: NO

    • dad29:

      the very concept of separation of powers will be harmed.

      It’s worse than that.

      The very concept of “representative” will be harmed. Breaking faith with the electorate frees the electorate to break faith with Congressional legislation as a whole.

      The snap-back on this may be far more serious in the long-term than anyone can imagine.

    • Live Free Or Die:

      The 50+1 method of passing bills thru the Senate would just be another example of True Democracy. True Democracy is two wolves, and one sheep deciding what’s for dinner. The shame of it is when some of the sheep suggest lamb chops for dinner.
      Kind of like a Carly Fiorina Political Ad.

    • USMC:

      “As much as we enjoy flogging these GOP weenies, they really are the last thing between the country and abyss.”

      No they aren’t. We are. If elections fail, if Congress is so corrupt they ram unconstitutional bills down our throats well it’s time we threw it up on them.

      We are the last thing.

    • Bob Belvedere:

      Dead Solid Perfect USMC.

    Federal Receipts As The Inverse Of Liberty

    • No Hammer No Sickle:

      I love these ideas. The second idea regarding committee assignments is especially brilliant and imminently doable in the short term.

      The income tax has been abused and misused for far too long. The 30,000 (probably more) pages of tax code are a millstone around the neck of our economy.

    • chuck cross:

      Can’t help but ding the tip jar occasionally when I hear “killing the federal reserve” in a blogpost.

      You know when we invest using preferred securities, we don’t need the federal reserve to tell us what sort of return we’re going to require for taking on a risk. We offer a term sheet to the company who needs capital, and they say “YEA” or “NAY” — whoa be the banks having to do the same when they underwrite debt, or even when we purchase debt. Determine your own damn cost of credit instead of using some stupid benchmark set by a bunch of wonktards.

    • rod stanton:

      I did no know that Will was advising Sarah. That for all readers of THE ROAD is bad news! Will is referred to on almost every page in the middle of the book by th C word. If you have not followed Will he backed every “Nanny State” law proposed by GWB but the last TARP; which he was flip floppy on. The C word was not communist but collectivist. Will does not support the Bill of Rights.He does not believe in personal initiative and responsibility,
      Ergo he is bad for Sarah.
      Cerritos, Cal

    • Jim:

      Looking at that graph, I can’t help but think of global warming. But the chart above shows a real impending disaster.

    • The Dead Hand:

      If I were a state governor, I would bar the Feds from collecting personal or corporate income tax in my state, and invite them to bill my state instead.

      If Hairy Pelosi doesn’t like it, she can send in the friggin’ Army.

    Politicians Increasingly Aware Of Reality

    • Thrasymachus:

      I was at a Chili’s in the Northeast last Friday night. Despite the snow, the place was packed. Lots of people still have money. The average person doesn’t see the problem yet; when they do, will they say, “OK, party’s over, it was nice while it lasted” or will they act like the Greeks? I’m guessing the second. The New Deal coalition is the governing force in America. It’s based on the promise that the money will always be coming in, and everybody who matters will be taken care of. America is just Chicago writ large. Conservatives can do little except prepare Americans for the coming collapse, at the risk of being shot as the messenger.

    • Live Free Or Die:

      “How soon until an American President says similar words?”

      It’s not the words I’m interested in hearing, It’s the ACTIONS I’m interested in. Pretend I’m from Missouri, and SHOW ME.

    • VA Right linked it.

    What Do You Expect? His Tenure Thus Far Has More Or Less Been The Political Equivalent.

    Senator Bunning In USA Today

    • Ellie Light:

      Bunning has displayed more backbone than ten other senators.

    • Chris Mallory:

      Mentally unstable seniors? That describes most of the senators doesn’t it?

    • Joe:

      There are a lot of Senators who should be playing nine holes a day (when the weather is good) and then pinochle in the afternoon. It’s time.

    • Joe:

      Another Upstate NY congressional seat up for grabs, this time the Democrat is not seeking election…

      Oh wait there is more to the story. If only there was an R after his name we would be hearing about it.

    • hermes:

      Supply Hermes and gucci balenciaga handbag
      Jimmy choo and chanel handbag

    • M. Simon:

      You are forgetting the most important point in politics. People get the government they deserve. You want better government? Get better people.

      Tea anyone?

    • Haemet favors the post with a link.

    Union-Endorsed Politician Caught in Drunk Driving Scandal: Is This News?

    • Joe:

      You want potentially really bad news?

      Please do not let this be true.

    • Phil:


      Enough said.

    • Patrick:

      On the behalf of my Democratic Voting, 32 Year and counting Union member Father…

      (bleep) You

      That is all.

    Red State’s Erick Erickson Endorses Rick Barber in AL2 House Race

    • Live Free Or Die:

      Add NH’s Kelly Ayotte to the NRCC’s ‘Elect-a- VaJayJay to Congress’ Stategy. NOT ONE RED CENT!

    • Phil:

      What’s wrong with Kelly Ayotte?

      Look, picking a candidate based on identity is not bad unless it means conceding principles.

      Ayotte is pro-life, pro-gun, anti-SSM, fiscally conservative. She’s also an intelligent youngish (41?) woman in a party (somewhat rightly) considered a clique of old white males.

      So why not put her front and center? “Optics,” etc. Let’s think strategically, not just ideologically. (And in Ayotte’s case, ideology is no big issue, she fits the bill well enough.)


    • Live Free Or Die:

      Kelly Ayotte has no voting record, never held elective office, was appointed to position of Attorney General in NH, and while I would concede she did that job well, she’s the establishment’s blank slate candidate, to do with what they wish. Any candidate can SAY they are for something, few live up to the name, ‘candid’-ate. To vote for a never elected, establishment, blank slate, VaJayJay-Person for U.S. Senate just because of her plumbing is, well, a bit much. Caveat Emptor.

    When It Comes to ‘Crazy’ and Politics, Glenn Greenwald Is an Expert

    • JSF:


      The sockpuppetmaster cannot even pick up Strunk & White. He has to write on and on and on and on and on about how much he hates the Right.

      Seriously, any two Right wing Bloggers are different, but every Left wing writer and Blogger say the same things. You can switch Frank Rich or any HuffPo Blogger with sockpuppetmaster and get the same article.

    • Thane Eichenauer:

      This mini-post is a sad comment. I see the left call people crazy and insane all the time. Using their tactics is letting the lefties bring you down.

    • a

    Charlie Crist Is Not Scum

    • richard mcenroe:

      Charlie Crist is not scum. But you can see it from where he’s standing.

      Spreading out slowly in all directions…

    • Red:

      That lives in the house that Jack built.

    • Live Free Or Die:

      Envy is one of the 7 Deadly Sins. Charlie Crist is slime green with envy; and desperate.

    • Teresa in Fort Worth, TX:

      Don’t mince words – tell us how you REALLY feel…

    • Thrasymachus:

      Charlie Crist is not scum! He’s a fabulous, fashionable fellow of fine fettle. And that tan! Don’t tell me! St. Barts! I’m going to die of envy! And quite the man’s man, as all the sophisticated gentlemen will agree.

    • PCP Smoker:

      Crist is a fuckstick who got put in the wrong hole

    • Guest:

      I often recall a meeting-I’m a big donor type- I had with Pat Toomey (PA)at the Aug 2009 Redstate gathering.

      I expressed my support for Marco Rubio only to be told by Mr Toomey that while Rubio is a great Conservative he cannot win.

      My immediate thought at the time was if Crist wins the Senate of what value would Toomey’s vote be since the fiscal conservative Republican would be negated by the establishment GOP’s progressive big spending Republican.

      Today insurgent Conservative Rubio is leading and I am delighted to see all the egg on the faces of progressive big spending establishment Republicans.

      This election cycle, instead of going through the establishment GOP, I have decided to put all my big donor cash into SarahPAC.

    Married at 10? Divorced at 12? Hey, Who Wants to Play ‘Guess Which Religion’?

    • Dave C:

      That’s getting as bad as the ‘Guess the Political Party’ game when reading about political scandals.

    • datechguy:

      I reviewed and wrote about her situation a month ago. Link is at:

      Hey for $800 a week the times could have run this a month ago.

    • Red:

      I was going to guess ‘Kentucky’.

    • Live Free Or Die:

      Ooh!Ooh! Pick Me!Pick me! I know the answer! It must be Yemeni Fundamentalist Mormons!

    • Dave C:

      Not Greek Orthodox.. Is it?

      I’ve been hearing Greece in the news lately.

      It’s Greek Orthodox, isn’t it.

    • proof:

      I guess that’s why we never hear much about Muslim Democrats. They are so gosh darn below the radar that no one ever sees them!

    • Prophet Mohammed:

      I am sorry, is there a problem with this? I married Aisha when she was six and consumated the marriage when she was nine.

    • Amy P.:

      Second, those countries also tend to practice polygamy and have higher death rates for girls.

      Never say why they have “higher” death rates for girls…could it be because Islam tells you to kill them if they so much as sneeze wrong, lest they dishonor the family.

    • Roxeanne de Luca:

      Not once in the entirety of his 807-word column did Nicolas Kristof name the religion of Nujood and her ex-husband.

      Wonder why that is?

      Because the Pope wouldn’t let him?

      Wait, no, those aren’t Catholic names. Time for a new theory.

      Adding to AmyP’s comment: the “higher” death rates for girls also probably have something to do with having 13-year-old girls having sex, getting pregnant, giving birth, and doing so without adequate medical care (as if there is such a thing).

      That brings me to my next point: what is it with the way that the Leftists and the whack jobs in the Middle East (religion unnamed) that hate the idea of female virgins who are over the age of 10?

    • Joe:

      A bit cowardly of Nick not to meantion Islam, but he did take the lead on pointing out the Muslim on Muslim violence in Sudan (with the Sudanese committed genocide on fellow Muslims who happen to be darker…hmmm, I thought there was no racism in Islam).

      It must be Bush’s fault somehow…

      Oh wait, I just channelled some Nick Kristof there with that last sentance. Disregard.

    • Gregory of Yardale:

      It was Nick Kristof who first noted Obama’s ability to perfectly recite the Muslim call to prayer.

    • Tex:

      He didn’t mention the girl’s religion because it is irrelevant to the story, which is more about human rights and child abuse than religion.

    • Dell:

      And just think, boys and girls, this religion – complete with all of it’s…ahhhhh….rather unusual marital practices, is putting down roots at a mosque near you!! And when you attempt to apply 21st century law you shall be thwarted at every turn.

      “Our religion allows us to rape little girls and that’s none of your damned business!”

    • John David Galt:

      I see a golden opportunity for NOW to make themselves relevant again. Gee, I wonder if they’ll take me up on it.

    • Da Tech Guy linked it.
    • Dyspepsia Generation gave it attention.
    • The Classic Liberal is a fan.

    POTUS Ain’t Naked: He’s Channeling Rick James

    • richard mcenroe:

      Remind me again how long Rick James spent in jail, Uncle Stacy…

    • Dell:

      Keith who?

      Olbermann. Is that a breed of dog?

    • M.Joseph Sheppard:

      fyi (not for ketters but possible comment)


    • M.Joseph Sheppard:

      letters !!!

    • Thrasymachus:

      I saw Paul Ryan being interviewed by Chris Matthews last night on MSNBC (I’m visiting my elderly father, a yellow dog Democrat) and Matthews didn’t call him a racist. Reality may be slowly sinking in.

    • Charles Johnson:

      He looks a little bit like James Earl Jones, who plays the leader of the lizard snake cult in Conan the Barbarian, but without as much of the menance.

    • Political Byline seemed slightly shocked.

    Screw Pluribus: Unum

      Emacs is the secret weapon of choice for posts like this that go on for days.

    • Finrod:

      Hooray for Emacs!

      Emacs has been my editor of choice since November 1988– and what a long strange trip it’s been. Emacs used to be the standard for a large program– but now my Firefox is, no joke, *fifty times* bigger than my emacs. (1048M virtual, 648M physical for Firefox, 21188K virtual, 11664K physical for emacs.)

      Now if you told me you used mh (or nmh) to read your mail, I’d *know* we were separated at geek-birth or something…

    • smitty:

      Now, I had used Gnus for a while, but I drifted into Gmail.

    • richard mcenroe:

      We need to start adding Einstein-appropriate signatures to our e-mails, whether the Declaration of Independence or a simple “F*** Barack Obama right in the (orifice of your choice, I don’t judge)”

      See how much fun he has reading the daily summaries.

    • Finrod:

      Heh, I started out with rn (like everyone in the 1980s) but I switched to gnus to read Usenet; then I kind of fell out of reading Usenet in the mid-90s.

      I still use M-x mh-rmail to read my mail, though.

    Letterman Successfully Continues To Avoid Success

    • Charles Johnson:

      David, call me. I will go on your show. That will boost your ratings.

    • Victor:

      One of my favorites from Soundgarden. Negative glideslope = augering in

    Other FMJRAs:

    Miscellaneous Shouts:

    • No Sheeples Here is having the mutton chops busted by Grandpa Steve, and this blog decrys the abuse.
    • Ed Driscoll added a cartoon to the “I am the State” post.
    • Paco offered no comment on the Census post.
    • Lead and Gold linked the Kieth Olbermann post.

    That’s your FMJRA. I know everyone read it in great detail. Mail feedback to Smitty. Peace.


    9 Responses to “Fumbling Majority Jerks Recklessly, Arhythmically”

    1. Joe
      March 6th, 2010 @ 2:56 pm

      Well at least they have a plan.

      Oh yeah, they also want to revisit amenesty for illegals.

      Next is implementing Peronista reforms and seeing if Amercia can beat Argentia on inflation rates.

    2. Joe
      March 6th, 2010 @ 9:56 am

      Well at least they have a plan.

      Oh yeah, they also want to revisit amenesty for illegals.

      Next is implementing Peronista reforms and seeing if Amercia can beat Argentia on inflation rates.

    3. Joe
      March 6th, 2010 @ 3:00 pm

      My quiet comment on fixing illegal immigration: workplace fines for employers who hire illegals and enforcement. Do that and you will not need a 2000 mile long fence that people will jump anyway. Then we can go back to a best and brightest legal immigration policy that sucks all the talent from the rest of the world.

      win win. Well except for those who want cheap gardening, roofing and drywall work.

    4. Joe
      March 6th, 2010 @ 10:00 am

      My quiet comment on fixing illegal immigration: workplace fines for employers who hire illegals and enforcement. Do that and you will not need a 2000 mile long fence that people will jump anyway. Then we can go back to a best and brightest legal immigration policy that sucks all the talent from the rest of the world.

      win win. Well except for those who want cheap gardening, roofing and drywall work.

    5. Joe
      March 6th, 2010 @ 3:03 pm

      I bring up immigration only because Obama does. The reason is clear, an attempt to make Republicans look “racist” and to try to wedge Latinos from the GOP (before midterms and especially 2012). If the GOP is smart and gives a rational sane plan like mine at 2–it will backfire on Obama.

    6. Joe
      March 6th, 2010 @ 10:03 am

      I bring up immigration only because Obama does. The reason is clear, an attempt to make Republicans look “racist” and to try to wedge Latinos from the GOP (before midterms and especially 2012). If the GOP is smart and gives a rational sane plan like mine at 2–it will backfire on Obama.

    7. Bob Belvedere
      March 6th, 2010 @ 6:16 pm

      I remain eternally in you debt, friend Smitty. Thank you.

    8. Bob Belvedere
      March 6th, 2010 @ 1:16 pm

      I remain eternally in you debt, friend Smitty. Thank you.

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      March 6th, 2010 @ 3:35 pm

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