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Dude, I Totally Figured Out This ObamaCare Problem

Posted on | March 12, 2010 | Comments Off on Dude, I Totally Figured Out This ObamaCare Problem

by Smitty

Rep. Louise Slaughter is such a source of inspiration. See, if you don’t like your existing Constitution, why bother?
Peep this. As a bureaucracy, we remain committed to failing upward. All we have to do is get the Senate to ratify the Treaty of Lisbon!
No one would ever suspect surprise governmental suicide. We could really have the last laugh on these Tea Parties. How could we possibly be more like Europe without actually becoming part of the EU?
Oh, sure, there would be some surprised faces, particularly among the Conservatives, as there would need to be 7 or 8 RINOs in the Senate turned to the cause, but we all know the appropriate clowns to approach.
Once the surprise wears off, we can go throught the chores of actually joining the EU. If we tell them that we’ll feed the PIIGS, they’ll let us in straight away, as long as we promise not to go all Prodigal on them.
I love the smell of a simple solution at an odd hour of the night. It smells like . . . bootybeauty.


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