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VIDEO: Hate Crime Caught on Camera!

Posted on | April 24, 2010 | 1,002 Comments

Be prepared for stomach-churning nausea if you click the “play” button on what has quite accurately described as “The worst version of ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ in the entire history of ever.” A genuinely vicious desecration of a great song:

That’s so unspeakably wrong, I did some research in an attempt to understand why anyone would put it on the Internet. According to the Web site of Blaze Records:

Champagne Dream has been chosen to participate in the Blaze Records USA “Build a Star 2010” program. She have also been cast as an extra in the upcoming video remake of Ozzy Osbourn’s hit “Crazy Train” being performed by Blaze Records USA Artist Renae. She has also been selected to be the official Model for Something Brutal Apparel. This is going to be an exciting year and the launch of a new career in the Music Industry is sure to keep her busy. In the next few weeks she will be recording with Blaze Records USA and looking forward to this new and exciting opening in to the world of music.

There must be some explanation, right? Certainly I’m not alone in guessing that somebody at Blaze Records got the hots for a 19-year-old stripper and said, “Yeah, baby, I’ll make you a star . . .” Or, as one of the Fark commenters put it, “I hope somebody at least got a BJ out of that.”


1,002 Responses to “VIDEO: Hate Crime Caught on Camera!”

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