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MA-10 GOP Candidate Jeff Perry Talks About Democrat ‘Smear and Fear’ Attacks

Posted on | October 13, 2010 | 7 Comments

BOSTON — Republican Jeff Perry is leading in the race for the open seat in Massachusetts District 10, vacated by the retirement of Democrat Rep. Bill Delahunt. Perry is state legislator and former police officer, author of a book called My GOP, which explains his Reagan-inspired philosophy. 

This is a district that went strongly for Scott Brown in January and is a prime pickup target for the NRCC. Democrats have unleashed a slew of smear ads on Perry, so that if you’re the kind of idiot who believes Democrat attack ads, you think the main tenets of the Republican Party platform is (a) cut off Social Security, (b) ship jobs to China, and (c) mandatory strip searches for teenagers.

Jeff Perry has a strong grassroots campaign, they’re fired up for Nov. 2, and you can tell he remains confident that voters in the 10th District are smarter than Democrats think they are:

Today, Jeff Perry made news by calling for repeal of Obamacare, and here’s his ad responding to the Democrat smears:

Here is Michael Barone on Howie Carr’s radio show explaining that the 10th District is the “most likely” pickup for Republicans in Massachusetts:

Democrats see the Big Red Wave coming and they’re desperate enough to try anything to cut their losses. The shift against Democrats is starting to look like a tsunami even in Massachusetts and, as Mary Katharine Ham notes, things are now looking so good for Republicans that the NRCC may direct money into supporting Sean Bielat’s campaign.

Also, those “secret foreign donors” have hired a crazed Ewok.

Twenty days to go, people. Go all out, every day, all the way to Nov. 2. 


UPDATE: Sissy Willis says Barney Frank is going down. NTTAWWT.

UPDATE II: Memeorandum thread for Pete Ingemi, and Barney Frank has been tied to the railroad tracks.


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