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Jim Moran Is A Global Warming Tool. An ObamaCare Tool. Achieve A Tool-fecta On GZM? Why, Yes; Yes, He Can.

Posted on | October 20, 2010 | 2 Comments

by Smitty

St. Albert of Gore himself praised Jim for Moran’s ‘leadership’ on wrecking the economy in the name of Green interests.

And I heard Moran bloviate in person about Nancy Pelosi’s colostomy bag of tricks, or, ObamaCare, as it is commonly despised.

Is there any doubt but that Jim Moran wouldn’t bend over backwards to offer a dhimmi salute to the Ground Zero Mosque?

He said essentially the same thing at the Asian-American Debate. Note, though, the convenient invocation of the Constitution in support of religious tolerance (sure), which document he has apparently studied with the attention he lavished upon ObamaCare. Oh, wait. If he’d studied that single most wrenching change in our society in any detail, he might not be from a State whose Attorney General is about to turn ObamaCare into a suppository all these Lefty knobs can enjoy.

We should all be tolerant, on an individual basis. Whether or not, in the specific case of the GZM, New Yorkers, as a group, should tolerate unrepresentative behavior from officeholders is another matter.
So, how can we dispose of Jim?
Last night I was at the local high school, passing out flyers to support Patrick Murray. Total count of Moran supporters at this significant parent’s night event: 0.
Tonight I swung by the campaign office proper, and the joint was packed.

The phones were all manned, so I found myself stuffing envelopes for a mailer to a few thousand ladies in the district.
There are still a couple of debates in the remaining fortnight before the election. Every day, more people find out that someone is offering a credible challenge to this old and tired hack.
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