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Room Under The Bus For As Many Elites As Required

Posted on | October 20, 2010 | 7 Comments

by Smitty

Does the Progressive wing, breast, and thigh of the GOP not get it? Belvedere reports that Senator Gregg is making squishy noises in the vicinity of the Depends at the thought of repealing ObamaCare.
Paco points to Rush Limbaugh, emphasis mine:

Well, now it’s official. The elites in the GOP want to compromise with the Democrats, and they think that’s what you want. It’s all over the news today, and there’s a bunch of lessons here. Here’s how to blow the greatest election opportunity you’ve ever had since 1894, here’s how to blow it two weeks out, and at the same time here is how you form a third party, how you create the circumstances a third party would form.

This is the problem. The elites inside Washington, I don’t care what party, Republican, Democrat, cocktail, doesn’t matter what party, it’s the elites, we need to break the back of the elites out there. They have nothing to do with this grassroots movement that’s the Tea Party, nothing whatsoever. They have nothing to do with any victories in this election. This is going to be very key. All of these big time wins that are on tap two weeks from today, the elites will have had nothing to do with it. The elites have, in fact, stood in the way. The elites have decried and pummeled all of the Tea Party people and the candidates that have arisen from this effervescent grassroots movement. It’s the elites in both parties who paved the way for Obama. It’s the elites in both parties who gave us Senator McCain. The elites in both parties spent like liberals; they paved the way for McCain, they paved the way for Pelosi, for Harry Reid, and Obama. And now they’re sitting in Washington hoping to benefit from the results of an election that is in part in response to their malfeasance.

The wolf closest to the sled is the Democrat party. So the Tea Partiers and bloggers like me and journalists like Stacy are busting tail to help the GOP minimize the Progressive rot in the 112th Congress. Michael Steele and the rest of the GOP poobahs had better not take the wrong lesson from all this, however. In fairness to the entrenched GOP presence, the Tea Parties haven’t proven their stamina; the GOP could arguably be hedging its bets against a return to unconsciousness for the sleeping giant on 03 November. It could happen. We have decades of negligence on record from the electorate, and the Perot 1992 showing as an example of transient attention span.
Nevertheless, GOP, let us paraphrase General Mattis at the PG level:

We come in peace. We didn’t bring artillery. But we’re pleading with you, with tears in our eyes: If you screw with us, we’ll eject you all.

Directly in front of the bus, of course.
More directly still, GOP: the Tea Parties are using you as a matter of convenience, not the other way around. Forget this at your peril.


7 Responses to “Room Under The Bus For As Many Elites As Required”

  1. T.L. Davis
    October 20th, 2010 @ 9:03 pm
  2. Sapwolf
    October 21st, 2010 @ 1:17 am

    Yesterday, Michael Steele signed my copy of “The 5,000 Year Leap” when his red bus stopped at our GOP Victory Center here in the Cincinnati area.

    Looks like that link between the RNC and the TPM will make it to Nov. 2nd. Who knows what after that, but I keep the pitchfork and torch by the door now 24/7.

    Oh, and thanks to Sarah for schooling the Progs, Moulitsas and Ifell on the year of the Boston Tea Party.

    I’m beginning to think Sarah deliberately sets these traps, or somebody on her team. Too easy with an opponent that was never taught history but multiculturism instead.