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California Screaming

Posted on | October 28, 2010 | 11 Comments

My friend Stogie at Saberpoint is, alas, a victim of Californication:

The buzz is that California will be a hold out in this next Republican revolution — they will proudly and stubbornly be wrong once again.  While Californians struggle with 22% unemployment, free soup kitchens and food banks, they will nevertheless vote for the party who made their poverty possible.  My disgust for the California electorate knows no bounds; they are firmly, solidly and reflexively leftist.

Stogie blames the voters, but the worthlessness of the California GOP — which routinely asks voters to elect clueless Republican losers like Meg Whitman — is the true cause of this situation. Loyalty is not a one-way street, and California Republicans expect loyalty from grassroots conservatives who have been getting stabbed in the back by the state party for 20 years.

The by-now-routine spectacle of inept California Republican candidates publicly pissing all over the party’s conservative principles is not likely to persuade independent voters to vote Republican.

Remember that the geniuses who run the GOP once expected California voters to elect Arianna Huffington’s closeted gay husband to the United States Senate. Thank God he lost and please pray to God that, even in California, a majority of the electorate are not so stupid as to vote for an untrustworthy backstabber like Meg Whitman. She’s down by 10 points in the latest poll, and my only regret is that she isn’t losing by a much bigger margin.

UPDATE: Professor Donald Douglas adds his two cents to the verdict on the billionaire loser. It’s simple, really: Anybody who would pay Mike Murphy $90,000 a month deserves to lose.

Because he’s not Jerry Brown, he’s not a billionaire
and he didn’t hire that useless loser Mike Murphy


11 Responses to “California Screaming”

  1. Moe Lane
    October 28th, 2010 @ 1:44 pm

    This would be a great argument if it weren’t for the minor detail that depressing turnout for Whitman will also depress turnout for Fiorina – and before you say ‘So what?’ I’ve talked to her several times. She’s sound on life, fiscal conservatism, and telling the EPA to eff off about that stupid delta smelt.

  2. jwb7605
    October 28th, 2010 @ 7:43 pm

    I think they’re holding out for a Federal Bailout.
    It would appear to be the only thing that could save them from total, complete disaster.