The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Featuring McCain’s Jaunt ‘Round America

by Smitty FMJRA salutes Stacy McCain, out tracking down the news the less gonzo journalists simply cannot. Props to Fishersville Mike for two years longevity. Now I’m off to the big GOTV event for Patrick Murray!

Heh: Cynthia Yockey With The Statistical Interpretation

by Smitty CY on why the Democrat Party may have GOTV problems.

You Must Be Having Me On. Oh, Wait: We’re Talking About The Left

by Smitty Via Da Tech Guy, the DC Examiner reports that the Rally to Restore Sanity/March to Keep Fear Alive is really more about the latter than the former. Now, I have better things to do that waste my time on Commode-y Central’s sad little gathering of paid stooges. For an example of filming at […]

An Army Of Davids On A Bus Tour To Retire Jim Moran

by Smitty Patrick Murray, a retired US Army Colonel, is, in some respects, running the quintessential David-style insurgency against an incumbent Goliath, Jim Moran. It’s not just that fewer people can do the same work, it’s that they don’t need a big company to provide the infrastructure to do the work, and, in fact, they […]

VA-9: On the Campaign Trail With Republican Challenger Morgan Griffith

ABINGDON, Va. — As I pointed out Friday in my American Spectator column, the 9th District of Virginia went 58% for John McCain two years ago and you might think it would be easy for a Republican to defeat a Democrat incumbent here — especially when the Democrat voted for the cap-and-trade bill that would […]

LIVE AT FIVE – 10.30.10

TOP NEWS Al-Qaeda Bombs From Yemen Aimed At U.S. Packages meant for Chicago synagogues Iran Ready To Reopen Nuke Talks Because talk is cheap. Crist Blamed For Clinton “Back Room Deal” Rumor May nonetheless reap rewards Swing Voters Flocking To GOP Ace: “There’s this guy you may have heard of named Winston Wolfe. He has […]

‘Stomp Her Again, Tim!’

That seems to be the majority sentiment in Kentucky, where the first poll conducted after the notorious head-stomping incident shows Republican Rand Paul now with a 12-point lead, 53-41. People may be dumbfounded to see Paul gaining support after that incident. But if you think Kentuckians like having an Ivy League-educated professional protester trying to turn […]

Note on Juke-Joint Etiquette

ABINGDON, Va. — Thursday night, in pursuit of the inside story of the VA-9 congressional campaign, I met with Republican sources at a saloon on State Street in Bristol. When we walked in, the jukebox was playing some toneless heavy metal noise that was getting on my road-frayed nerves. “Obviously,” I told my companions, “these […]

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