The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

234 Years Later, Obama Hardly Resembling Washington

by Smitty Not quite 234 years ago, original Tea Partier and future first POTUS George Washington crossed the Delaware River to put the hurt on forces of the Ruling Class overlords encamped at Trenton. A couple centuries later, and things are reversed. Now, via AmericanGlob the POuTUS has become the Ruling Class overlord, and must […]

Like Citing Courtney Love As An Example Of ‘Demure’

by Smitty Is the Huffington Post burying its head in the sand, or worse? States attempting to ensure the validity of elections are under attack by the occasionally amusing, but mostly stone cold crazy 9th Circuit Court of Idiocy are where the real questions begin: A federal appeals court on Tuesday struck down a key […]

VIDEO: Veteran GOP Activist Predicts Republicans to Gain 63 House Seats

ABINGDON, Va. — Everybody’s making predictions, but here in the 9th District of Virginia, they have a genuine sage: Strother Smith of the Tenth Amendment Foundation. An attorney and longtime county GOP chairman who was a delegate to the 1964 convention that nominated Barry Goldwater, Smith not only predicts the outcome here — Republican Morgan Griffith […]

Soldiers’ Angels: We’re On The Navy Team, And Your Cribbage Game Is Weak!

by Smitty First of all, we’d like to encourage as many blogs as possible to join Team Navy in support of Soldiers’ Angels. Second of all, we’d like to encourage everyone to read learn more about this worthy cause: Third of all, as a fund raiser, I’m taking on the entire blogosphere, one at a […]

Greetings from Bristol, Va.

Please excuse the 24-hour absence of bl0gging, and thanks to Smitty and Wombat for producing excellent content in my absence. Yesterday I drove from Hagerstown to Christiansburg, Va., and then on to Abingdon, where I filed 950 words last night The American Spectator: ABINGDON, Va. — Rick Boucher voted for the “Job-Killing Cap & Trade Energy Tax,” says […]

Murkowski Note: Working The Referees Has Side Effects, In This Case, 125 Candidates For Senator

by Smitty Conservatives4Palin has the play-by-play. They also point to the Alaska elections site, which, filtering the chaff, lists 125 valid competitors for The Seat Her Daddy Gave Her To Keep, if I filtered the noise correctly. Still more background at the Anchorage Daily News. Perhaps Lisa, Arlen Specter, and Charlie Crist can come together […]

VA8: Col. Patrick Murray On Fox

by Smitty (via Retire Jim Moran) It is excellent to see Murray both on Fox and Friends. . .: and also Fox Business. If you have time, go for this second clip, where the discussion moves past Moran’s condescending dismissal of military service members to discussion of needed policy reforms, for example, term limits. How […]

LIVE AT FIVE – 10.29.10

TOP NEWS Clinton Tried To Talk Meek Into Quitting Senate Race, Aide Claims Wanted to get Meek to endorse sore loser Charlie Crist Dems’ Message Diluted As President Pleads With Base Is Obama trying to shed his coattails? Faulty Cement Used To Seal Gulf Spill Well? Tests warned cement mix might not work Indonesia Disaster […]

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