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Bolsheviks for Monarchy

Posted on | November 17, 2010 | 14 Comments

Matthew Yglesias hates greedy rich people and “corporate America” and — of course — despises all racism, sexism, homophobia and every other form of prejudice or intolerance you could imagine.

Somehow, these leftist commitments do not stop Yglesias from fawning over British royalty.

All politics is local, I suppose. And any hypocrisy is acceptable, so long as it is fashionable hypocrisy.

UPDATE: Almost forgot the whole point of blogging about British royalty: Kate Middleton bikini pictures.

UPDATE II: “First royal with bolt-ons,” a Twitter friend comments and, indeed, it appears from some photos that young Miss Middleton has resorted to surgical augmentation.

My preference is for a natural A-cup over a fake C, and I think that a sort of Gresham’s Law applies: Big fake breasts tend to diminish the value of big breasts generally.

Your mileage may vary.

UPDATE III: Linked by the Rhetorican and of course, welcome, Instapundit readers! Professor Reynolds offers no opinion of the royal breasts. He’s a natural-born diplomat.


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