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LIVE AT FIVE – 11.22.10

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Scans And Groping Here To Stay, Says TSA Chief

Airline passenger gets "pat-down" at Sea-Tac

Rep. John Mica (R-Fla), future head of the House Transportation Committee: “I don’t think the rollout was good and the application is even worse. This does need to be refined.”

NZ Mine Drama Enters Fourth Day
Still no word on when rescue bid will be made

Euro, Asian Stocks Rise After Ireland Seeks Bailout
Irish seek help from EU, IMF to save banks


Congressional Dems Worry That Obama Will Cave To GOP

Obama Agonistes

Rep Peter DeFazio (D-Ore) said, “We’re beginning to revisit our relationship with the White House. I think we’ve got to push harder from our position to do what Democrats need.”

Hillary Clinton Says She’s Done With Politics
Asian Voters Offer Hope To Battered California GOP


Eye Drug Shows Promise In Studies

HK Stocks Fall As PRC Moves To Prevent Real Estate Bubble

Steve Jobs, Rupert Murdoch Prepare iPad-Only Newspaper

Samsung Galaxy Tab Now Available From AT&T, Sprint, Verizon


Manning Gets The Numbers, But Brady Leaves With The Win

Tom Brady celebrates another Patriots TD

31-28 Patriots. Just like old times.

McCoy’s 50-Yard TD Run Lifts Eagles Over Giants To NFC East Lead

Boise State Closes Gap With TCU In BCS Standings

Warriors Crushed By Lakers As Gasol Has Perfect Night

Jimmie Johnson: Second Only To Earnhardt And Petty Now?

Terry Collins To Be Mets’ Skipper in 2011


Miley Cyrus Drops Bret Michaels Song From AMA Performance After Rumors

Miley Cyrus

Yeah, probably not the best time to be singing “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”.

Lindsay Lohan Replaced By Malin Akerman In Lovelace Biopic

Desperate Times For “Housewives” As Teri Hatcher Quits

Deathly Hallows Part 1 Sets Record For Harry Potter Franchise


Bosworth: New Nork Nuke Plant Nettlesome

PRC Claims All Miners From Sichuan Mine Rescued

NATO Leaders Agree To New Start With Russia

Haiti Death Toll Climbs Above 1200


C4P: It’s Palin’s Party, And The Establishment Is A Jealous Ex-Lover

Gateway Pundit: Jimmy Carter – FOX Commentators Have Deliberately Distorted The News

Althouse: A Madison Liberal Tries To Understand The 2010 Elections

Dennis The Peasant: None Dare Call It Thinking, Part II

Verum Serum: Leftist Media’s Selective Outrage

Stop Shouting!: My Rebuttal To A Progressive Who Admonished Me To Play Nice

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