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WaPo Makes an Excellent Decision: Jennifer Rubin Hired as Blogger

Posted on | November 23, 2010 | 12 Comments

This is very encouraging news indeed, and I think all leading conservatives will share the view expressed by Ed Driscoll: “The WaPo Finally Gets One Right.”

My favorite piece by Jennifer Rubin was a column she wrote for Pajamas Media in February 2009. You will recall that, at that time, many Republicans were still talking about the need to cooperate and compromise with the new president. Rush Limbaugh had become a lightning rod because of the Four Famous Words: “I hope he fails.” (I had expressed my own view of the Democratic agenda in three less-famous words: “It won’t work.”) Yet in February 2009, the question of whether the GOP should oppose or support the Obama agenda was still very much debated. It was Rubin who distilled the correct insight into a strategic maxim: “The opposition party must oppose.”

And now that the opposition party has triumphed — winning 241 House seats — by obeying that maxim, Rubin will now be positioned to provide excellent coverage of the battles ahead.

UPDATE: A friend called my attention to this Politico column by Jennifer Rubin, which I definitely do not endorse.


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