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Blame Feminism?

Posted on | November 28, 2010 | 4 Comments

“[T]he goal of third-wave (gender) feminism is the destruction of marriage because of the ‘unequal’ male/female roles inherent in marriage. Third-wave feminists pushed early sex education, recreational pre-marital sex and taxpayer-funded abortion as a way to de-couple sex from marriage. . . . [P]re-marital sex reduces the stability of marriages, and the effect is increased depending on the number of pre-marital sex partners. . . . [W]omen influenced by feminism shun chivalry, and bypass men who excel in the traditional roles and who would make good husbands and fathers, and prefer to have the drama of ‘hook-ups’ with ‘bad boys’ . . . Good men, seeing that goodness is getting them nowhere sexually, will drop goodness like a hot potato and begin to act like bad boys. Naturally, these bad boys are not able to shoulder the burdens of the roles of husband and father, because they were never evaluated or selected to fill those roles. . . . Marriages don’t survive if neither the man or the woman is tested and selected for making self-sacrificial commitments to other people. The real victims of marital instability are the innocent children of the selfish feminists. As a result, boys grow up without fathers, which increases their tendency to be poor students, poor workers and sexually aggressive, and girls grow up without fathers, which drastically lowers the age at which they have sex.”
Wintery Knight, “What Is Causing the Epidemic of Gang Rapes in Europe?”


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