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LIVE AT FIVE – 11.30.10

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U.S. Fears Iran Has Nork IRBMs, Russians Call BS

King Abdullah greets President Obama

Wikileaks document dump reveals disagreement over Iranian missile program

Assange To Be Indicted Under Espionage Act?
WW1-era law doesn’t apply just to U.S. citizens

U.S., Japan Reject PRC Calls For Resumption of Six-Power Talks
Foreign Minister Maehara: “It’s unacceptable for us to hold six-party talks only because North Korea has gone amok.”


President Proposes Freeze On Federal Pay

Now is the moment the deficits begin to recede...

Boehner calls for hiring freeze as well

W Has His Facebook Moment
Currently liked by over 619K members, former President appears on Facebook Live

Congressional Dems Prepare Gut Check For GOP On Tax Rates

Senate Can’t Agree On Scrapping Onerous Obamacare 1099 Mandate


Wikileaks to Target Major American Bank Next

Germany Watches With Alarm As Euro Falls Despite Irish Bailout

CBO slashes TARP Cost To $25 Billion

Gartner: Tablets, Economy Taking Bite Out Of PC Sales

Black Friday Puts Microsoft XBox Kinect Over 2.5 Million Mark


Big Three Click, Heat End Skid With Win Over Wizards

LeBron James

James, Spoelstra Deny Rift

#3 TCU To Leave Mountain West For Big East Next Year

Rockies Lock Down Tulowitzki With Decade-Long Extension

Johnson, Finnegan Fined For Fighting But Not Suspended

49ers Dominate Cards On Monday Night Football


Franco, Hathaway To Host Academy Awards

James Franco and Anne Hathaway, your 2011 Oscar hosts

Road to Oscar hosting apparently now leads through SNL

Kardashians Pull Plug On MasterCard Deal

Drug Investigation On “Deadliest Catch” Boat

Could Pro-Pot Group Save Willie Nelson From Doing Serious Time For Latest Weed Bust?

What Actual Burlesque Stars Think of “Burlesque”


In Haiti, Calm Follows Chaotic Elections

Deaths Of Iranian Nuke Scientists Provokes Tehran Claims Of Hit Squads

“Human Rights”, “Humanitarian” Organizations Whine About Gaza Blockade

Japan Hit By Richter 6.9 Earthquake Off Bonin Islands


Gateway Pundit: Palin Slams Administration Handling Of Wikileaks

Protein Wisdom: Democrat Alternative To Obama Wage Freeze? Increase Pay!

NRO: Hauser’s Law – This Reality Isn’t Negotiable

Commentary: When Will Liberals Acknowledge What The Arab World Already Knows?

NRO: Not Even The WaPo Buys The DeLay Conviction

Pirate’s Cove: The Post Doesn’t Get This American Exceptionalism Thing

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