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Math Problem: If the Atlantic Monthly Makes a Profit of $1.8 Million a Year . . .

Posted on | December 13, 2010 | 6 Comments

. . . and Andrew Sullivan “account[s] for more than a quarter of the site’s unique visitors and close to half its visits,” then isn’t Sully the most important member of the Atlantic Monthly‘s staff? A lot more important than the “cadre of young writers [who] began filling the newsroom’s cubicles” after they moved to D.C.?

Also, if Glenn Reynolds drives a lot more traffic than Andrew Sullivan — and he most certainly does — why isn’t Instapundit generating something upwards of $400,000 a year in profit? Or is it? Does his wife know?

UPDATE: Donald Douglas also discusses the “cadre of young writers” model — i.e., “let’s hire a bunch of bloggers” — at the Atlantic. All I can say is I’d be interested in seeing their proprietary Web analytics.


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