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Ezra Klein Offers Hope!

Posted on | December 14, 2010 | 4 Comments

Just two hours ago, I was saying we’re totally screwed on The Pork-Laden Bipartisan Legislative Gang-Rape Atrocity From Hell otherwise known as the tax-cut “compromise.” But liberal Democrats in the House are still talking smack, and Ezra Klein thinks they might be crazy enough to blow the whole deal:

If I were the White House, this would be my nightmare scenario: The House amends the deal, ticking off Republicans. That opens space for Republican critics of the deal — who now include Rush Limbaugh, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin and the largest tea party organization — to argue that it’s insane to negotiate with a Democratic House when there’ll be a Republican House in two weeks. Senate Republicans, who are now looking for a way out of a deal that’s unpopular with their base, throw up their hands and say we were open to negotiating, but if the president can’t hold his own party on a deal he struck, it doesn’t make sense to waste any more time on it, and we’ll just figure this out in January when the new Congress is sworn in. At that point, talk radio and Fox News have spent weeks yelling about what a bad deal this is, and so the new Republican hardliners in the House demand more concessions. And no one really knows what happens next.

What happens next? Pudding, baby!

And with Mike Pence and some other House conservatives now saying they’ll vote against the deal, there’s this from Allahpundit:

This is the first time I’ve thought the whole deal really might collapse in the House. . . . With House progressives in revolt, Obama realistically needs all of the Blue Dogs and almost all of the GOP to push this thing through, but I don’t know how much longer House Republicans can hold on.

So there is yet a glimmer of hope, although I’m still pretty sure we’ll get totally screwed one way or the other.


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