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Damn You, Obama: FCC ‘Net Neutrality’ Decision Forces Me to Blog About the World’s Most Boring Public-Policy Debate

Posted on | December 21, 2010 | 3 Comments

Please, somebody, book me a dental appointment for a root canal, but don’t expect me to get into the soporific wonkfest of blogging about Net Neutrality. During BlogCon in September we were having a fun discussion of politics when some idiot brought up Net Neutrality — and there went 20 minutes of our lives we can never get back.

All that needs to be said about Net Neutrality is, the Left is in favor of it, which means it must be bad and therefore, I’m against it.

End of discussion.

Democrats controlled Congress for four years and were unable to enact Net Neutrality. Why? Because every time they scheduled a hearing, congressmen found themselves slipping into a semi-comatose state after the first five minutes of testimony.

So having failed at legislative implementation — hey, at least the DADT debate gave people a chance to discuss sodomy, which is at least interesting — now Obama has his FCC director enact the damned thing by executive fiat.

Which means everybody’s blogging about it, and it can no longer be safely ignored. Not only that, but now Republicans will have to waste valuable time in the 112th Congress trying to repeal this disaster.

The Tyranny of Tedium: Hearings, amendments, boring op-eds in all the big newspapers, 15-minute segments of wonks endlessly debating this ennui-inducing issue on cable-news networks . . .

Damn you, Obama. Damn you to hell, sir.


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