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Christmas Cheesecake

Posted on | December 22, 2010 | 11 Comments

“In an effort to boost my traffic, I am writing about breasts today. Small breasts. But breasts nonetheless.”
NeoNeoCon, “On Small Breasts”

Donald Douglas is once again bemoaning the blogger’s plight during Holiday Traffic Suckage Season, when it seems that nothing can get the SiteMeter excited.

Lady Gaga getting groped? Man, that’s a genuinely desperate cry for help.

Times are tough all over. My previous post about the NSFW linkage in “Rule 5 Sunday” has raised the alarm. Soylent Green fears I’ve surrendered to the Net Neutrality Nazis.

Meanwhile, Dan Collins is worried about the Obama administration’s anti-terrorism efforts. But we know how to cheer up the blogosphere’s most famous chubby chaser, don’t we?

Chubby cheesecake! And now Dan’s dreaming of a white Christmas . . .


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