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No Wonder Demi Lovato’s in Rehab

Posted on | December 23, 2010 | 9 Comments

Yeah, Disney’s latest meltdown starlet is spending Christmas and New Year’s in the facility where she’s already been in rehab since early November.

When she was first institutionalized — after quitting (or being kicked off) the Jonas Brothers’ national tour — there was a lot of mystery about the reasons. The story that has since emerged indicates that Demi went berserk when Joe Jonas dumped her for Twilight star Ashley Greene.

There was reportedly an exchange of nasty e-mails between Demi and Ashley, and then Demi punched a backup dancer and . . . rehab.

If you believe the tabloids (you know, the ones that floated the apparently bogus “sex video” rumor) Demi is now working on “issues” that include eating disorders and cutting. I’m sure her “issues” won’t get any better when she sees that low-down man-stealer Ashley Greene on the cover of the January issue of Cosmo:

So let’s do a body count: Britney Spears melted down. Lindsay Lohan melted down. Now Demi Lovato’s melting down. Miley Cyrus is hitting the bong but hasn’t yet gone into full-meltdown mode.

If the executives at Disney Channel are smart they’ll develop a new reality TV series: Princess Bipolar and Her Enchanted Rehab.


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