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How Narcissists Govern: Obama Bans Word ‘Triangulation’ at White House

Posted on | December 25, 2010 | 15 Comments

As if, by banning this Clinton-era phrase, he can avoid the political necessity of imitating Clintonism:

Despite all his time studying the Clinton administration, Mr. Obama told his aides that he had no intention of following the precise path of Mr. Clinton, who after the Democratic midterm election defeats of 1994 ordered a clearing of the decks inside the White House, installed competing teams of advisers and employed a centrist policy of triangulation. In fact, several advisers confirmed, the word “triangulation” has been banned by Mr. Obama because he does not believe it accurately describes his approach.

Obama’s correct. To accurately describe his approach would require three words: “One-term president.”

(Via Greg Sargent; thanks to Richard W. for the e-mail tip.)

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