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FMJRA 2.0: I’ll Take That Egg Nog To Go, And Make It A Double

Posted on | January 2, 2011 | 1 Comment

Without further ado. your first FMJRA of the new year.

Natalie Portman: ‘Paint the Shotgun White, Pa! It’s Gonna Be Formal!’

Ready for the Best. CPAC. Evah?

OMFG: Katy Couric Says, ‘Maybe We Need a Muslim Version of ‘The Cosby Show’

Skepticism Is for ‘Rubes’

‘Unexpectedly’! Global Warming Continues to Bury East Coast in Blizzard

Worst. Congress. EVAH! Also Turns Out to Have Been Breathtakingly Unethical

Herman Cain: ‘We Have People on the Ground’ in Early Primary States

Rule 5 Sunday Falls On A Monday This Week

More Herman Cain Awesomeness

More Proof Exercise Is Bad for You

Media Headwinds, Media Tailwinds

Glenn Reynolds ‘Nuke the Norks’ Only 5th Place in Sully’s ‘Malkin Awards’ Finals?

Cousins for Cain?

Jonah Goldberg Is Wrong

‘I Feel Like I Just Found Out I’ve Been Living on the Moon’

Anatomy of an Online Hoax

Julian Assange, Libertarian ‘Reactionary’?

Christine O’Donnell’s Not a Witch, But They’re Gonna Burn Her Anyway

Foreclosures Rising, Home Prices Slumping: Can You Say ‘Double-Dip’?

Herman Cain Invited to Iowa Forum

My 2011 Prediction

Natalie Portman Explains Why Lesbian Scenes Are Like CGI Special Effects in 3-D

Late Entry in the ‘Stupidest Things Liberals Said in 2010’ Sweepstakes

Have They Blamed Global Warming Yet?

Why Do Public Schools Exist?
Because You Hate Your Children

‘Arthur Wolk, Notorious Sheep-F***ing Lawyer, Sues Bloggers Just for Spite’

‘Break into a Prevent Defense for the Second Half and Try to Preserve a Tie’

In Case You Missed It: Merry Revolutionary Christmas From CPUSA!


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