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Sodomy Is Not Pro-Life

Posted on | January 3, 2011 | 14 Comments

Just pointing that out for the benefit of Andrew Sullivan who claims to be Catholic — e.g., his post about Epiphany — and seizes upon Ross Douthat’s pro-life column today to make a plea for “expanding adoption opportunities.”

Nudge. Nudge. While it’s tragic, I suppose, that Sully isn’t a zillionaire rock star who can afford a rent-a-womb boutique baby, is there any Catholic conservative pro-lifer who takes Sully seriously as either Catholic, or conservative, or pro-life?

Of course, I’m a Protestant and have no stake in defending Catholicism against Andrew Sullivan’s efforts to discredit that faith, but couldn’t some influential Catholic say a word to the Pope and get Sully officially ex-communicated?

Being pro-life is different than merely saying you’re pro-life. Pundette has an excellent post pointing out the Baby Boom generation’s failure to reproduce. The embrace of the Contraceptive Culture is more seriously implicated in that failure — a sinful disobedience to the commandment, “Be fruitful and multiply” — than such alternative lifestyles as practiced by Sully. Neverthless, pills and condoms sometimes fail to prevent conception, resulting in “happy accidents,” whereas no child has ever been conceived by sodomy.

Breeding: It’s a Beautiful Thing!

UPDATE: The Anchoress on the illogic that leads young women to prefer abortion over adoption:

The “I can’t carry to term then allow someone else to raise the baby” notion is a fundamentally flawed bit of moral reasoning–one that flourishes because, in this age of moral relativism we are discouraged from teaching sound moral reasoning. The dictatorship of relativism must be defeated.

It is not merely relativism, but also narcissism that’s involved: What young woman wants to get fat, sustain stretch-marks, possibly a C-section scar, etc., and then not have something to show for all that damage to her physique?

Possibly related: The Department of Health and Human Services has an online calculator to help single mothers determine whether they’ll lose welfare benefits by marrying their baby-daddy.

Because that’s what life is really all about: Maximizing your benefits.

UPDATE II: Maura Butler at Life News shares a reader’s e-mail:

I was 14 years old when I conceived my son. I was in a relationship with a 16 year old guy who had already had one son who he didn’t see much. I figured since he already had a child, he was mature.

(Hello? 16-year-old baby daddies are presumed “mature”?)

It turned out he was very controlling and abusive, so I decided to leave him. Two days after my 15th birthday, I found out I was pregnant. I was so scared and confused but he said he’d be there and take care of everything.
Just three weeks later, he told me he wanted nothing to do with me and I haven’t seen him since. . . .

(How do boys like this expect to get away with such behavior? Why isn’t this boy locked up in juvenile hall? Never mind: The girl’s sister drove her to the abortion clinic, but the girl decided against it.)

On November 3rd, I had my beautiful baby boy via c-section and am living with my dad with his support, and returning to school next year. I am so in love with my baby. I cry at the thought of ever even thinking about ending his life. I thank God everyday for helping me see the light through the darkness.

Well, OK. That’s good. But don’t we see in this story how disastrously far astray our culture has gone? Here’s a boy, 16 years old, having already fathered and abandoned one child, now getting a 14-year-old girl pregnant — and he’s not behind bars? He’s “abusive,” and yet seemingly has no fear that the girl’s male relatives will seek to avenge her?

Just as being pro-life is more than being anti-abortion, traditional values is more than being anti-fornication. Here is an excellent example of a traditional values response when somebody is “abusive” to your sister:


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