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Fun With Lizards

Posted on | February 4, 2011 | 24 Comments

There’s all kinds of news I need to be blogging about today, but offline duties intervened and — as much as I know it bores most of you — I just had to call attention to the latest in Johnsonoid craziness.

Charles Johnson went on a rant about “stalkers and dimwitted creeps” — a rant thoroughly and hilariously mocked — and in the process, CJ linked back to a 2009 thread that included links to a couple of former LGF fan sites. But those two ex-sycophants have since been banned from LGF, as Diary of Daedalus had noted in November. So . . .

Someone at Diary of Daedalus pointed out that Charles had, by linking to this 2009 thread, accidently called attention to “praise” from ex-LGFers who now despise their former idol. Well, CJ claims never to read the “stalker” site Diary of Daedalus, but overnight he killed the links and — here’s the payoff, for connoisseurs of irony — Chen Zhen at Diary of Daedalus created a flashing GIF showing the deletion.


What’s going on over at LGF these days? Nobody would know if it weren’t for the gallant ex-Lizards who toil diligently to keep us informed on the latest laughable developments in Lizardlandia. But just imagine how embarrassing it is to Charles Johnson that he is so irrelevant at a time when interest in the Egyptian situation is delivering big traffic to Michael Totten and Weasel Zippers and other conservative bloggers.

Criticism of U.S. intelligence on the Middle East gets analyzed by Ed Morrissey and Jim Hoft for the benefit of thousands of readers, but who bothers anymore to see what Charles Johnson has to say? Who even cares?

Back in the day, when a big story like this would break, LGF threads would be swarming with hundreds of keen-eyed conservative commenters linking the latest important news. Ah, but then Charles Johnson gave into his resentment of Pamela Geller‘s success, and began banishing every commenter who didn’t go along with his anti-Geller jihad and now . . .

OK, sorry to bother the readers with this mention of LGF. We’ll get back to blogging about interesting stuff, I promise. Just as soon as I can quit laughing.


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