The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

As You Can Perhaps Imagine, This Has Been a Rough Week for Charles Johnson

The World’s Least Credible Blogger™ has been tying himself into laughable knots of hilarious self-contradiction lately, attempting to defend President Wiretap Benghazi Failure against . . . Well, facts. Facts have always been optional with Obama, who has relied on his media-generated force field to survive all previous encounters with unfortunate reality. Obama’s fawning fanboy Charles […]

Memo From the Lunatic Fringe: LGF Attacking ‘Anchor Baby Malkin’

Diary of Daedalus shows that a Little Green Footballs commenter got 11 “updings” for this insightful offering: More fake outrage against our First Lady: Anchor Baby Malkin fails miserably at attempting to mock the First Lady’s “Evolution of Mom Dancing.” The Obama Derangement Syndrome is more dangerous than syphilis. Here is the video that inspired the LGF comment: […]

You Say That Like It’s a Bad Thing

“François Hollande will strike fear into the hearts of the rich,” is the headline on a column by Nabila Ramdani in the British Independent. Permit me to suggest two likely results (a) some genuinely rich people will leave France, taking their wealth with them, and (b) a lot of the “rich” people in France won’t […]

Busted: Why Is LGF’s Charles Johnson Now Embracing Louis Farrakhan?

When Charles Johnson went wacko and began purging commenters at his Little Green Footballs blog, he purged some of the most clever “Lizards” whose participation had once made LGF a must-read for many. Among the purged were those who formed Diary of Daedalus and The Blogmocracy, which today join forces to expose how CJ’s pro-Obama turn […]

Fun With Lizards

There’s all kinds of news I need to be blogging about today, but offline duties intervened and — as much as I know it bores most of you — I just had to call attention to the latest in Johnsonoid craziness. Charles Johnson went on a rant about “stalkers and dimwitted creeps” — a rant thoroughly […]

The Decline and Fall of Lizardopolis

During yesterday’s Little Green Footballs dust-up, I recalled that a couple weeks ago, Diary of Daedalus posted these interesting charts illustrating the declining participation of commenters at Little Green Footballs: What you see is that, at its peak in 2007-08, LGF routinely had 1,500-2,000 different people — identified in the chart as “unique nics” (nicknames) […]

Patterico: ‘Charles Johnson Doesn’t Care About Context or Truth Any More’

“I was such a small fish at the time. I realized I was basically committing blog suicide by going against him. But he was wrong.” — Pamela Geller, January 2010 It’s interesting how easy it has become to ignore Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs. A couple weeks ago, Diary of Daedalus or the Blogmocracy […]