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LIVE AT FIVE – 2.4.11

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U.S. Pressure On Mubarak Opens Rift With Middle East Allies

President Mubarak, determined to walk away and not be pushed

UAE, Saudi Arabia send public messages of support for Egyptian president and his new VP

Madoff Victim Claims Mets Owners Ignored Alarms
Wilpon and Katz being sued by Ponzi scheme victim

Bernanke: Fed Not To Blame For Food Price Increases
Is he really this bad a liar, or just lethally inept?

IPv4 vs. IPv6: A Short Guide
Yes, the internet ran out of addresses. Relax, they made more.

Report: FBI, Defense Department Missed Warning Signs Before Fort Hood Jihadi Rampage

Soldiers mourn at a memorial service for the Ft. Hood dead

Evidence of radicalization ignored

Son Of Former Enron CEO Found Dead In Santa Ana Apartment

Mayor Daley Defends Chicago’s Response To Blizzard

NM Democrats Assail Governor Martinez’ Immigration Order

Group Says Video Shows Planned Parenthood Wrongdoing In Virginia

Gold Declines As Recovery Cuts Demand
Pimco: Whitney Analysis “Not Worth Paper It’s Written On” (Video)
Retailers Lead Stock Market Gains Ahead Of Jobs Data
OECD: Communications Block Cost Egypt $90 Million
Microsoft Alliance Rumors Lift Nokia Shares
California Prison Guards Union Called Biggest Obstacle To Keeping Cellphones Away From Prisoners

Heat, Celtics Combine For 7 of 12 NBA All-Stars

L.A. Clippers' Blake Griffin, selected for the first time to the All-Star team

Celtics’ Garnett selected for 14th straight season

Andy Pettitte Retiring From Yankees (Video)

It’s Bruins Over Stars In 6-3 Beatdown (Literally)

Devils Hold Off Rangers To Continue Comeback

Poll: Fans Indifferent To Proposed 18-Game NFL Season

NFL Battle For Billions Needs Infusion Of Common Sense

Miley Cyrus Gets Tattoo #5

Miley Cyrus Sporting Dreamcatcher Tattoo

No reaction yet from pro-Mubarak protesters

Halle Berry’s Nasty E-Mail To Baby Daddy: “You Were Only Good For One Thing”

Kate Moss Soon To Be Mrs.

“V” Star Morena Baccarin On Short List For “Avengers” Movie

“Buffy”‘s James Marsters Weds Longtime Girlfriend

Ultimate Bond Girl Eva Green Gets “Dark Shadows” Lead

“The Real World” Returns To Vegas, And A Hotel Room Gets Trashed

Lindsey Lohan’s Best Defense? Silence

Camille Grammer To Guest On “Sh!t My Dad Says”

Dueling Protests In Yemen Unfold Peacefully
Haiti Panel Announces Candidates For Presidential Runoff
Devastation At Epicenter Of Australian Mega-Cyclone
Fireworks Spark High-Rise Blaze In Shenyang
Nepal Picks New PM After Six-Month Stalemate

Protein Wisdom: ABC Reporter Brian Hartman Threatened With Beheading
Conservatives4Palin: Governor Palin Declines CPAC Invitation Due To Scheduling Conflicts
Da TechGuy: Answer – When The Black Man People Call For Hanging Is A Conservative
Israel Matzav: Confirmed – Muslim Brotherhood Will Abrogate Camp David Agreements
Althouse: Charlotte Charred By FLOTUS Roast
The Foundry: The Numbers Don’t Lie – Reagan’s Recovery Far Stronger Than Obama’s
Federal Judge Rules Administration In Contempt For Continuing Drilling Moratorium
Erick Erickson: Is John McCain Back To Being A Maverick Now?
Nice Deb: Administration Covering Up Abortion Statistics
POWIP: Egypt, Breadbasket Case

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