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Amity Shlaes for Senate?

Posted on | February 9, 2011 | 9 Comments

Adam Brickley has an interesting suggestion for New York Republicans:

The GOP needs a high profile opponent who will force Gillibrand to explain herself – and given her record we don’t think she can. The only question is who can do this while raising the money to compete in expensive New York
Our suggestion is Amity Shlaes – syndicated columnist, first rate historian, and bestselling author. She is the very antithesis of Sen. Gillibrand, and she has a huge national following that could fund an insurgent campaign with small donations. Her history of the Great Depression, The Forgotten Man, has become essential reading among economic conservatives of all stripes – from tea partiers to establishment moderates to Ron Paul devotees. Hence, we have absolutely no doubt that her legions of devoted fans and readers could fund a gargantuan campaign without breaking a sweat, giving her more than enough ammo to both win the GOP nomination and bury Gillibrand under a hail of advertising.

Read the whole thing. Brickley is the blogger who launched the “Draft Palin” blog back when nobody had ever heard of Alaska’s governor. Matt Lewis at Politics Daily says Brickley “has an uncanny ability to spot talented candidates that others overlook.”

Upstate blogger The Lonely Conservatives says “Run, Amity, Run!”


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