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LIVE AT FIVE – 2.18.11

Posted on | February 18, 2011 | 3 Comments

Bahrain Moves Quickly To Crush Protests

Armored units move to suppress Bahraini protests

Security forces level protesters’ camp early Thursday morning

Democrats Flee Wisconsin To Stall Union Reform Bill
Meanwhile, Union spokesmen piously wrap themselves in the Egyptian flag, assert global importance of their “struggle”

Libyan “Day Of Anger” Protests Reportedly Leave 19 Dead
Government allegedly warned that live ammo would be used on protesters

Budget Dispute Stokes Fears Of Government Shutdown

The Speaker throws down the gauntlet

Boehner says no continuing resolution will be passed without cuts

Mayor Bloomberg’s Budget Fix Depends On Help From Albany

Latinos Lead The Way As Texas Gets Even Bigger

Senate Passes FAA Bill, Resolves Reagan National Airport Fight

JFK Bomb Plot Mastermind Gets Life In Prison

Daley Blasts Airlines For Stalling On O’Hare Expansion
Consumer Prices Jump In January
Motorola Atrix 4G Phone Transforms Into Laptop
Here Comes The Sun: Solar Flares Make Way To Earth

Cabrera’s Arrest A Concern For Tigers

Miguel Cabrera: Busted

Back on the bottle again?

NFL Owners, Players Agree To Mediation

Iowa High School Wrestler Refuses To Wrestle Girl

Alabama-Auburn Rivalry No Longer A Good Thing For College Football?

Don Mattingly Takes Charge Of Troubled Dodgers

Danica Patrick Taking It Slow In Second NASCAR Season

Leafs GM Denies Kaberle-To-Bruins Deal In Place

Notre Dame Men’s Hoops: Veterans Keep Foot On The Gas

Big East Swim Championships: Relays Spark Louisville

Bieber Backlash In Effect?

Justin Bieber: Catching flak for being truthful

Teen dream not so PC in interview

Sarah Jessica Parker Would Like “Sex In The City 3”, But Not Now

J-Woww To Strip For Playboy

Lindsay To Charlie: Thanks For The Support!

It’s a Boy For Rod Stewart

Mila Kunis Melts For Role Of Big Bad Witch In Sam Raimi’s Oz

Celine Dion Proudly Shows Off Her 4-Month-Old Twins

Serene Branson Had Complex Migraine, Not Stroke, Says Doc

Gwyneth Paltrow Mediates Truce Between Kings Of Leon, Ryan Murphy

“Firefly” Returning To Cable; Fillion Says He’d Play Mal Again

Belgians Strip To Protest Continuing Lack Of Government
Egypt Jails Former Ministers In Corruption Probe
17 Killed In Tanzania Arms Depot Blast
Was Davis Running Drone Programme In Pakistan?

Gateway Pundit: Tea Party Protesters Chase Truant Wisconsin Democrats Out Of Hiding Place
Mary Katherine Ham: AWOL Wisconsin Democrat Calls CNN With List Of Demands
Conservatives4Palin: Ben Smith’s Moronic Meltdown
Allahpundit: Palin Doesn’t Question Obama’s Citizenship Or Religion
Shannon Love: Are There Any Adults At The New York Times?
Jawa Report: Jihadi Attorney Takes Aim At Jawas, Who Go To Court For Protective Order
Yid With Lid: Did Sheila Jackson-Lee Have a Lobotomy, Or Is She Naturally This Stupid?
Blackfive: The Difference Between Pacifism And Non-violence

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