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‘Piss Karl’: Rove’s Genius Media Strategy

Posted on | February 28, 2011 | 6 Comments

Ben Smith points out that New York magazine hired “Piss Christ” photographer Andres Serrano to do a portrait of Karl Rove, and I wonder if Rove expected the resulting profile feature by Joe Hagan to include such sentences as this:

The woman, Karen Johnson, is a lobbyist rumored to have been Rove’s mistress before his divorce from his second wife in 2009.

Given that Rove is a major “get,” he might have told the editors at New York: “Sure, I’d be glad to do the story, if you will give the assignment to Matt Continetti or John McCormack or . . .”

Never mind. Rove’s a genius, and needs no advice from mere mortals.


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