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Frank LaRose Denounces ‘Mean-Spirited Personal Attacks and Senseless Threats’

Posted on | March 3, 2011 | 7 Comments

A lawyer representing the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police had seemingly threatened state Sen. Frank LaRose for voting in favor of S.B. 5, a bill to limit the power of government employee unions. Without directly mentioning Ohio FOP lawyer Mike Piotrowski’s “cops hold grudges” remark, LaRose condemned such threats in a statement (PDF) today explaining his vote for the legislation:

“Acknowledging that our state faces an unprecedented fiscal crisis, I stood on principal yesterday and voted for Senate Bill 5. This bill helps restore balance to the public employee collective bargaining process, while also protecting the rights of our state’s hardworking public service employees.
I opposed the initial version of the bill based on fundamental objections I had with a few of its provisions. By standing steadfast on what I believed to be fair, I was able to work with my colleagues to protect the essential right of employees to collectively bargain. I also successfully led the effort to remove language that could subject strikers to imprisonment. With these important changes to the bill, I was able to reach a middle ground and address what I saw as flaws in the initial legislation.
A robust debate is crucial to the process of crafting public policy. I sincerely value and respect the position of those who oppose my vote. It is however intolerable and unproductive to resort to mean-spirited personal attacks and senseless threats. Those who engage in such behavior degrade the necessary public discourse and demean their own cause as well. The citizens of our state deserve better. Let’s work through these tough issues together and maintain civility in the process.
The people of our community sent me to Columbus to stand up for them and make tough decisions based on what’s in the best interest of all Ohioans. I agonized over this decision and ultimately cast my vote based solely on what I believe is right. My vote was not, and never will be, motivated by political considerations or outside pressure. Anyone who says otherwise does not know me or understand my unwavering commitment to serving the citizens of our community. I am duty bound to do what’s best for Ohio, even when it may be unpopular. We must work together to bring prosperity back to the Buckeye State.”

Ohio FOP executive director Catherine Brockman did not respond to requests for comment on Piotrowski’s Facebook remarks.

Sen. LaRose has drawn intense criticism for his vote in favor of S.B. 5 in part because the freshman Republican lawmaker was seen as a key swing vote. Last week, LaRose told a local TV station he was “uncommitted” on the bill, and a liberal blogger in Ohio, Abe Zaidan, wrote today that he had met LaRose at a restaurant and thought the senator would oppose S.B. 5.


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