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Rule 5: The Science Is Settled

Posted on | March 6, 2011 | 8 Comments

It may not have been definitively proved by the medical community that the study of sweater puppies is good for guys, but one thing science HAS proved is the validity of Rule 5. As summed up most pithily by the eminent Gerard Van Der Leun earlier this week at chez Attila:

Tits gits hits.


So without further ado, let us begin the roundup of Rule 5 posts! In pride of place, Smitty refers us to the blog What Would Tyler Durden Do?, specifically to this Joanna Krupa post.

The Valley of the Shadow sends us this pic of the LA art scene, while the POH Diaries post a spring break advisory along with some Courtney Cox bikini pix. More like this, please. šŸ™‚

The Rio Norte Line offers a suggestion for a British Invasion we can all appreciate, while Three Beers Later offers Charlie Sheen-related Rule 5 for our consideration. Also, Denise Milani!

Soylent Green offers underwear in lieu of corsets, a celebration of Public Sleeping Day (NSFW), and an equally – nay, MORE NSFW farewell to Steamboat McGoo whose post title is too long for me to copy here. Also also, Carbon Comeliness (NSFW)!

As a cool-down after all that cardiac stimulation, Fishersville Mike has some NCAA Rule 5. Or may I suggest this short video via In My Copious Free Time? More conventionally, Mind Numbed Robot returns to the Rule 5 lists with the luscious Larissa Riquelme. Elsewhere, Maggie’s Notebook combines tasteful Rule 5 with the vile game of golf to produce these pix of Anna Rawson.

Bob Belvedere does his part for heart health with this post of Marilyn Lange, and not content with that noble work, adds Tanya Song, a bevy of barely-clad lovelies, Terri Welles, and finally Jane Russell.

Mr. Hill from Dustbury offers some Lee Remick and Angie Harmon links; Proof Positive has Mimi Anden, Connie Stevens, and a helpful health tip.

Finally, from Pirate’s Cove comes amusing news about Miranda Kerr and some Rule 5 for Spring Break.

Thanks to all for their links! Please send in next week’s links by Saturday to Rule 5 Wombat

UPDATE: I am informed that I missed linking to GVDL’s exquisite collection of racks. Go forth and be HEALED!


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