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UPDATE: The Girl Scouts Sex Scandal

Posted on | March 10, 2011 | 14 Comments

My post Saturday about the March 2010 Girl Scouts scandal — involving a Planned Parenthood “Healthy, Happy and Hot” pamphlet made available at a United Nations conference event — drew some blowback from commenter Paul Katz:

The whole thing was a far-religious right slander campaign against the Girl Scouts. . . .
Anyone or any blog reposting this slander really ought to issue a retraction.

I’ve done some follow-up reporting and, while it will take a while to turn this into a full story, I do want to pass along one item now: An open letter sent to Girl Scouts parents and supporters from Sharon Slater of Family Watch International. It was Mrs. Slater whose eyewitness report about the U.N. conference “Girls Only” panel sparked the uproar over the “Health, Happy and Hot” brouchure. In the wake of the controversy, Mrs. Slater wrote in her open letter:

Because some news outlets picked up our story and reported that the booklet was “distributed” to the girls (even though I had not witnessed the booklets actually put into the girls’ hands), unfortunately, some have tried to discredit my report by focusing on the word “distributed” rather than the fact that the brochure on the back table was available to the girls at the meeting, which is the common way of “distributing” handouts at these types of UN meetings. And more importantly, those who have focused on the word “distributed” and what the word means or does not mean, rather than the fact that the Girl Scouts were at the UN promoting a number of radical sexual rights that are outlined in the Planned Parenthood booklet, have entirely overlooked the facts, which are that the Girl Scouts were promoting abortion and other controversial sexual rights at the UN.

You can download Mrs. Slater’s open letter as a Word document. I also want to call your attention to a history of the association between Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood. And you can click here to see a PDF file of the “Healthy, Happy and Hot” pamphlet.

I will have more on this story later.


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