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LIVE AT FIVE – 03.11.11

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Walker Wins His Battle With Unions On Collective Bargaining

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Saunders of AFSCME: “It’s not over…we are in this for the long haul.”

King Hearing On Islamic Radicalism Gets Emotional
Rep. Ellison whines, leaves in tears

White House Libya Strategy Politically Risky
DNI Clapper’s prediction of ultimate victory by Qadhafi provokes calls in Senate for intervention by Lieberman, McCain, others

Nine Officers Reprimanded For Failure To Act Before Fort Hood Shootings

Memorial erected one year after Nidal's rampage

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Pressure On NPR Continues As O’Keefe Releases Second Video

Pawlenty Takes On Problem-Solver Mantle In New Hampshire

Rand Paul Blasts Energy Department Over Toilets

House Panel Approves Measure To Block EPA Carbon Rules

FHA Commissioner Steps Down; House Votes To End Foreclosure Assistance Program

The $200 Tablet Computer, or, Is B&N Smart Enough To Seize An Opportunity?
Oil Hovers Below $103 As Traders Eye Saudi Unrest
US Stocks Fall As S&P Plunges To Lowest Level Since January
Walmart To Expand “Express” Concept
IPhone, Blackberry Fall To Pwn2Own Hackers; Android, WinPhone 7 Still Standing
HP Fiddles While Microsoft Does A (Really Slow) Burn

Heat Ends Losing Streak, Beats Lakers

Kobe Bryant goes one-on-one against Dwayne Wade

Vocal Bosh leads out of the gate while Wade, James struggle in first period

Hope Remains Despite Fireworks At NFL Labor Talks

Big East Tourney: Pitt Edged By Connecticut

Hokies Whip Georgia Tech 59-43 In First Round Of ACC Tourney

Yogi Berra Released From Hospital After Fall In Clubhouse

Bruins Dominated By Ducks 76-59 In Pac-10 Opener

It’s Aggies Over Mizzou At Big 12 Tourney

Timberlake & Biel Split

Justin Timerlake and Jessica Biel

No longer a couple. *shrug*

LAPD Raids Charlie Sheen’s Place Looking For Weapons; Possible Violation Of TRO

Tony Danza Files For Divorce

Lindsay Lohan Not Going To Jail – Today, Anyway

National Enquirer: Sandra Bullock Afraid Jesse James Will Expose Her Lesbianism

The Forbes Five: Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Rappers

TeenNick Goes Retro With 90s Programming

Kirstie Alley Introducing “Dancing” Partner Maksim To $cientology?

Paris Fashion Houses Give Kanye The Cold Shoulder

Megan Fox Pulls Out All The Stops (And A Very Low-Cut Dress) But “Passion Play” Still A Direct-To-Video Flop

Britney Covers “Out” Magazine’s Ladies We Love Issue – But Insists “I Only Have Eyes For Men”

Dalai Lama Steps Down As Political Head Of Tibetan Exiles
PRC Rescuers Search Town After Quake Kills 25
Saudi Security Opens Fire In Qatif, Wounds Three Protesters
Japan’s PM Hangs On Despite Donation Furor
France Recognizes Libyan Rebels As Legitimate Government Of Libya
US To Send Aid Team To Eastern Libya; SecState Clinton To Meet With Rebel Representatives

Legal Insurrection: Why Do These People Feel No Fear About Expressing These Death Threats In The Open?
Sister Toldjah: New Tone Watch – Death Threat Mania Invades Wisconsin
American Power: Betsy Liley Contradicts Initial NPR Statement On “Refusing” $5 Million From Phony Muslims

Althouse: Why Doesn’t The President Say Anything About The Wisconsin Protests?
Mediaite: NPR Journalists Send Open Letter; “Appalled” By Sting Video Contents
Cubachi: Rand Paul – “You favor a woman’s right to an abortion but not her right to choose a lightbulb or toilet.”
Riehl World View: Cornyn Has To Go
Maggie’s Notebook: Americans Cried First…Now Keith Ellison Sheds A Public Tear
Moe Lane: What’s The Big Deal About Krugman’s Admission?
Blackfive: Leader Of Free World Recognizes Libyan Transitional Government
Hit & Run: The Extreme Bill In Wisconsin That Would Put The State’s Public Sector Collective Bargaining Rules Roughly In Line With Half The Other States
Don Surber: NYT “Fact Checker” Misquoted Christie

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