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Gawker Misspells ‘New Hamshire’ [sic] in Article Slamming Bachmann as Ignorant

Posted on | March 13, 2011 | 38 Comments

Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann is an accomplished woman — a former federal tax attorney, mother of five, longtime conservative activist — but evidently not a specialist in colonial history or New England geography. Speaking at an event Saturday in Manchester, N.H., Bachmann misplaced the “Shot Heard ‘Round the World,” producing much guffawing from liberals.

Apparently, Gawker editor Jeff Neumann was so eager to jump on the dogpile he didn’t have time to spellcheck:

No one has ever accused Tea Partiers of being especially bright, but Michele Bachmann blew it pretty hard today in New Hamshire. …

Yeah, Jeff: You blew it pretty hard, too . . .

UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers! And speaking of “self-satisfied condescension,” beloved bird blogger James Wolcott decided to take a cheap shot at Little Miss Attila.


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