The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘Retreating Into Masada Would Not Save The GOP Zealots From The Legion,’ Spake Senator Harry ‘Biggus Dickus’ Reid

by Smitty Congresswoman Michele Bachmann remains inspirational: According to Bachmann, the general agreement among Republicans is that the resistance to President Obama’s agenda surrounding the shutdown has now expanded beyond Obamacare, thanks to Obama’s intransigence. “This is a lot bigger than Obamacare,” Bachmann said. “This is about whether this country is going to succumb to […]

Ask Michele Bachmann About CBS News Political Director John Dickerson

There was a great uproar over John Dickerson’s column advising Barack Obama to “go for the throat” and “declare war” on Republicans, but it wasn’t as if there were no prior evidence of Dickerson’s biases. Remember the November 2011 debate in Spartanburg, S.C.? In an e-mail exchange, a network staffer informed CBS political analyst John Dickerson […]

Michele Bachmann ObamaCare Decision Response At The SCOTUS

by Smitty “. . .Justice Kennedy, who read from the dissent from [the majority] opinion, and he stated quite emphatically that what happened today is that the Supreme Court in effect re-wrote the ObamaCare legislation. In effect, with their opinion, being a legislative court, as opposed to allowing Congress to make that decision.” “One of […]

Spilled Milk and Misplaced Anger: Political Psychotherapy Session

Newt Gingrich in Fort Myers, Florida, Monday, Jan. 30, 2012 “Somebody in the Newt camp tossed an ‘internal memo’ over the fence to Matt Lewis. Long story short, they’re lowering expectations in Florida. And as I pointed out in my American Spectator column, second place in Florida is worthless — it’s winner-take-all. Team Gingrich just […]

Narcisssism, Continued

Having previously remarked on Newt Gingrich’s narcissism issues, it would be unfair for me to ignore Michele Bachmann’s comments: The Minnesota congresswoman was asked by Bloomberg TV’s Al Hunt which of the remaining candidates was the most conservative during an interview Friday, and said none of them measured up to her conservative credentials. “I was. […]

Bachmann Quits 2012 Campaign

UPDATE 10:40 a.m. CT: WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Rep. Michele Bachammn just announced she would quit the 2012 presidential race. She praised God and spoke about the Founders of the American Republic, vowing her continued determination to repeal ObamaCare, calling it a formula for leading America down the road to socialism. UPDATE 10:55 a.m. […]

‘Occupy’ Protesters at Bachmann HQ: Proof That Gardasil Causes Retardation?

JOHNSTON, Iowa Michele Bachmann has taken a lot of flak for saying that she was approached in Florida by a mother who claimed her daughter suffered brain damage as the result of a Gardasil vaccination. You may sneer at that claim, but when I showed up at Bachmann’s Iowa campaign headquarters today for an scheduled […]

Michele Bachmann Flyer Omits Comparison to Records of Santorum, Paul

JOHNSTON, Iowa During my visit to the Iowa headquarters of Michele Bachmann in nearby Urbandale today, I picked up a copy of a slick full-color flyer being distributed by her campaign (see front and back photos below). The 8½-by-11-inch flyer urges Iowa Republicans to “Vote for a Consistent Conservative” and includes an issue-by-issue comparison between the […]

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