The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘Everyone Sells Out in Iowa’

DAVENPORT, Iowa According to Michele Bachmann, that’s what her former campaign chairman state Sen. Kent Sorenson told her before he switched allegiances to Ron Paul. Ed Morrissey is shocked — shocked! — to discover that Republicans can be bought, but it happens every day. Remember when Tim Pawlenty was supposed to be the “conservative alternative […]

Report: Huntsman, Bachmann, Santorum Fail to Make Virginia Primary Ballot UPDATE: Close Calls for Newt and Perry

A certain number of petition signatures had to be delivered by close of business today in order for candidates to be included on the ballot for the March 6 Virginia Republican primary. Rick Santorum supporter Lisa Graas just informed me by e-mail that, according to University of Virginia political science professor Larry Sabato, three candidates […]

Gingrich Campaign ‘Imploding’ in Iowa; Ron Paul Leads; Rick Santorum Gains

Newt Gingrich’s campaign in Iowa is “rapidly imploding,” according to the latest poll, as the former House Speaker has tumbled to third place and Ron Paul has moved into the lead in the Hawkeye State, with Mitt Romney in second place just two weeks before the crucial Jan. 3 caucuses. Meanwhile, Rick Santorum moved into a three-way […]

Shorter Ace: ‘Bitches Lie’

A grossly unfair oversimplification of Ace’s argument? Sure. But in a multi-candidate Republican primary campaign where everybody’s cutting each other to ribbons, who can complain — if anyone even notices — when I gratuitously play the sexism card? And isn’t Ace calling the lady a liar? Michele Bachmann lives in a strange world. People talk about “moral relativism.” […]

#tcot @AceOfSpadesHQ So, You’re Still Kinda Butt-Hurt About Rick Perry, Huh?

Look, I’ve just endured my own Disastrous Month of Pain, OK? But I seriously doubt that 78 days from now I’m gonna be grousing bitterly about Gloria Allred and Ginger White. So why — 78 days after the Tampa debate — is Ace still ax-grinding against Michele Bachmann? What’s especially interesting is that Bachmann signs […]

BOOM! Michele Bachmann Publishes Gingrich’s 2004 Pro-Amnesty Letter

Michele Bachmann today offered what she called “more evidence indicating that Newt Gingrich is the most liberal GOP candidate,” in a press release that cites a pro-amnesty letter Gingrich signed in 2004. The Gingrich letter, sponsored by the neoconservative National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP), called for President Bush to offer a “new path” via […]

‘Mitt Romney’ On SNL: Among The Stranger Campaign Ads Of All Time

by Smitty Last night’s SNL campaign ad is pure Mitt. Superficially, the ad is about how stiff and un-funny Mitt is. Jason Sudeikis doesn’t go far enough in capturing the slightly congested, Brokaw-esque diction that helps me understand why some people really don’t care for Sarah Palin’s accent, either (she bothers me not). So, I […]

It Ain’t ‘Whining’ If the Bias Is Real

No, I’m not talking about the bias of Tabitha Hale in excluding me from the BlogCon agenda for the second consecutive year. The final word on that has not only been said, but also set to music. Rather, I’m talking about the evidence of bias by John Dickerson of CBS: In a slip of the finger […]

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