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Repeat After Me: Raaaaacism Is DNA-Based Decision Making

Posted on | March 13, 2011 | 3 Comments

by Smitty

I’m shocked, shocked! when I look at the latest doings of Holder’s DOJ while sticking a fork in an electric outlet.

The D.O.J. has forced other police departments across the country to lower testing standards, citing once again that not enough black candidates were passing. 

Really, Holder? It would be relatively less offensive if there was money set aside to, you know, educate anyone who demonstrated interest in the job, but had a weak suit or two academically. The notion that raaaaacist activity is somehow OK when the government undertakes it is among the more disgusting fallacies of the modern day. Holder seems like he is among the insane clown posse who believes in “our ability to use the rule of law as an instrument of human redemption“. Sorry, Holder: the unit of analysis on redemption is the individual, and the Almighty, not the government, is the dispenser. Raaaaacism was wrong in early American history, and raaaaacism is wrong today. The pandering is essentially an insult to all Americans, but especially those who will be hired as a result of lowered standards.
Doom on this hideous decision, and may the country soon have an Attorney General worthy of the title. Say, Ken Cuccinelli.
Professor Jacobson is at least finding a bit of humor amidst the disaster: “And In Other News, Eric Holder Is Suing The NBA To Lower Hoop Height. . .in order to achieve a racial and ethnic mix of players which looks more like America.”


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