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LIVE AT FIVE – 03.15.11

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Radiation Leaking After Explosion At Fukushima Plant

NHK video captures explosion at Fukushima

Blast at #2 reactor not like previous explosions

PM Kan Warns People Within 30 Kilometers To Stay Indoors
Supply Crunch To Affect Durables Companies

Unrest In Bahrain Could Provoke Regional Conflict
Saudi troops called in by Bahrain’s royal family to help suppress protesters

Qaddafi Loyalists’ Advance Puts Forces 100 Miles From Rebel Capital
Obama administration continues to fiddle as Libya burns

President Wants No Child Left Behind Renewed By Fall

The President visits Kenmore Middle School in Arlington

Senate working on compromise; House GOP says it’s time to reconsider the federal role in education

House Conservatives Oppose Stopgap Spending Bill

NRA Snubs White House, Won’t Attend Gun Policy Summit

Next Up For Wisconsin: Mother Of All Recall Drives

Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Says Fleebaggers Remain In Contempt, Votes Won’t Be Counted in Committees

Senate RINOs Feel Tea Party Heat

California Estimates Tsunami Damage Over $40 Million

Japan Stocks Plunge, Other Asian Stocks Off
Crude Oil Prices Drop With Loss Of Japan Demand Despite Continued Mideast Unrest
HP CEO Aptheker Pushes Cloud Computing
India, PRC, Other Emerging Nations To Push Ahead With Nuclear Power Despite Japanese Troubles
IE9 Newest Move In Browser Wars
No More New Zunes, Says Microsoft

NCAA Womens’ Hoops Brackets Announced

Jacqui Kalin and Coach Tanya Warren of UNI pore over stats

UConn, Tennessee, Baylor and Stanford heavy favorites

Heat Get Payback Against Spurs, 110-80

Grizzlies Maul Clippers, End Two-Game Slide

Outlook Grim As A’s Closer Bailey Exits With Elbow Injury

Brees: NFL Owners Had No Intent Of Reaching Deal

Nuggets Keep Rolling With Impressive Win In New Orleans

Ryan Philippe Ready For Baby #3?

Alexis Knapp to be the other mom in Ryan's life?

Ex-girlfriend Alexis Knapp claims her bulge is Ryan’s baby

Usher Sex Tape For Sale

Lisa Rinna, Star Jones Get Ugly Behind The Scenes Of “The Apprentice”

Lindsay Bids Farewell To Another Vice

Pete Wentz Talks Split With Ashlee, Thanks God For Charlie Sheen

Mila Kunis Had Nothing To Do With the Biel/Timberlake Split

Photoshop Of Horrors: What Happened To This Model’s Thighs?

Gilbert Gottfried Canned As Voice Of AFLAC Duck After Japan Tweets

Tyra Banks Attending Harvard Business School

Japan’s Nuclear Crisis Has European Repercussions
France Pushing For Swift G8 Agreement On Libya
IDF Continues Mass Arrest On West Bank In Wake Of Itamar Massacre
Death Toll In Japan Could Rise Above 10,000
Kremlin Seeks Warmer Relations With Japan, Sends Aid

Allahpundit: Despite Japanese Crisis, Nukes Remain Part Of Energy Plan, White House Says
Riehl World View: Mark Levin On The Hate For Sarah Palin
Cubachi: Palin – The GOP Cannot Allow The Status Quo To Continue
Marco Rubio: No More Short-term Budget Continuing Resolutions
Power Line: USA, Inc.
Reihan Salam: Unpleasant Thoughts About Japan

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